WWE Shares Look Into John Cena Living In China
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WWE Shares Look Into John Cena Living In China

By JosephSpencer17 · Thursday, October 11, 2018 · 0 Comments

John Cena

It's no secret that for the past few years John Cena has focused on transitioning to life after the WWE, focusing on acting and recently penning a children's book. 

Recently, Cena has been living in China as he works on a film titled Project X with Jackie Chan. In fact, Cena even credited Chan for teaching him his Sixth Move of Doom - The Lightning Fist. 

In a video posted by WWE on Thursday, Cena gives his fans a glimpse into his time spent in the Far East. Living in Yinchuan for the past several months has given John Cena - and he hopes the WWE Universe around the world - "a peek into the normalcy of life" in China. Here's the video: 

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