WWE RAW Female Superstar Getting Married To Indie Wrestler Soon
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WWE RAW Female Superstar Getting Married To Indie Wrestler Soon

By sonofgod210 · Friday, September 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

Ember Moon
Former NXT Women's Champion & current RAW Women's Superstar Ember Moon is set to marry indie wrestler "Showtime" Matthew Palmer later this fall. Moon and Palmer have been together for almost nine years, and were engaged in the ring at an Inspire Pro Wrestling Indie Event back in 2017.

Moon spoke with GuideLive.com and said that Palmer being a wrestler is an added bonus, as seen below:

"It's awesome to have him as a professional wrestler because we just bounce [ideas] back and forth," she said. "He knows the lifestyle. He knows everything that I deal with and he gives me advice. It's nice to come home and have someone that understands everything that I go through -- the good, the bad, the ugly, the awesome, and the perfect. He's my better half."

Palmer recalled dropkicking Moon in the face the day they met, as seen below:

"Her definitive memory of us meeting was when we actually had to do a training drill together, and I drop kicked her in the face," Palmer said. "And then she hated me for a while. I thought she was gorgeous and awesome -- and then I drop kicked her in the face. It was the drill. I had to do it."

Regarding their 2017 engagement, Palmer brought Moon into the ring after a tag team match, in which one of his partners, who never actually got involved in the action, held the engagement ring.

"I wasn't really into the match," Palmer said. "I was more nervous about the proposal and not losing the ring."

Below are photos of the couple along with a video from their in-ring engagement:

Table 10!

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No smiles....

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