Impact Wrestling Results (08/09): Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards
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Impact Wrestling Results (08/09): Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards

By sonofgod210 · Friday, August 10, 2018 · 0 Comments

Impact Wrestling
On last week's episode, Pentagon Jr. & Fenix took on oVe in a hard-hitting blockbuster main event matchup, Impact World Champion Austin Aries defended his Impact World Title against an underdog and Grado faced Eli Drake.

On this week's episode, Alisha Edwards returns to take on Tessa Blanchard, Matt Sydal faces Former Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. and Impact World Champion Austin Aries defends his Impact World Title against Eddie Edwards in a colossal main event matchup. Let's get right into the action for this week's episode.

Footage of an all-out brawl between LAX and The OGz is shown.

The Desi Hit Squad vs "The Bone Soldier" Taiji Ishimori & "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams: Ishimori lands a springboard senton on Singh. Williams tags in and lands a slingshot DDT. Williams bulldogs Raju onto Singh. After a distraction, Singh trips Williams into the rope. Raju knees Williams in the face from outside. Singh grabs Williams and complete shots him. Singh and Raju take turns beating down Williams. Williams manages to tag in Ishimori. Ishimori lands the tombstone double knees on Singh. Williams Canadian destroyers Raju. Ishimori picks up Raju and hits the KneeDDT for the win. Winners: "The Bone Soldier" Taiji Ishimori & "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams

We head backstage where Allie says that it doesn’t matter what Su Yung does because she is going to stop Yung. Allie then says that Tessa Blanchard thinks this is all about her getting a shot at The Knockouts title, but she doesn’t care because she just wants to end Yung. Allie then says that it can be a non-title match because all she wants is Yung. Kiera Hogan then says that if Blanchard or any of the Bridesmaids are around she will take them out because Yung’s time is up.

We head backstage where Austin Aries says that he is going to beat Eddie Edwards tonight.

Alisha Edwards vs Tessa Blanchard: Alisha fires up and lands a few strikes. Blanchard catches Alisha with a straight right hand. Blanchard gorilla press slams Alisha. Alisha stomps Blanchard in the corner. Alisha lands a few elbows. Alisha attempts a spinning head scissors but Blanchard tosses Alisha to the mat. Blanchard blast Alisha with a delay vertical suplex. Alisha kicks out. Blanchard misses a clothesline. Alisha takes Blanchard over with a crucifix. Blanchard kicks out then kicks Alisha right in the face. Alisha trips Blanchard into the ropes. Blanchard hurts her arm in the process. Alisha drops Blanchard with the complete shot. Blanchard and Alisha trade strikes. Alisha knocks Blanchard into the corner. Running splash by Alisha. Alisha charges out of the corner and hits a running bulldog. Alisha surprises Blanchard with a spinning head scissors into a DDT. Slingshot spine buster by Blanchard. Hammer Lock DDT by Blanchard for the win. Winner: Tessa Blanchard

After the match, Blanchard says that Allie may have everyone else fooled but she doesn’t have Blanchard fooled. Blanchard then says that she sees right through Allie. Blanchard then says that the only thing Allie cares about is The Knockouts Championship. Blanchard then says that if Allie is going after The Knockouts Championship she is coming for Allie.

We head backstage where KM yells at Fallah Bahh about what happened last week. As they argue Scarlett Bordeaux walks up and tells them that they are looking good. Bahh just says Bahh and KM says my thoughts exactly.

Matt Sydal vs Pentagon Jr.: Sydal tells Pentagon Jr. that he has to open his third eye. Pentagon Jr. tries to do the zero fear taunt but Sydal takes Pentagon Jr. over with a side headlock. Sydal tries a back-roll but Pentagon Jr. kicks Sydal in the gut. Pentagon Jr. kicks Sydal in the back of the knee. Running clothesline from Pentagon Jr. Sydal kicks out of a sunset flip. Sydal drives his knee into Pentagon Jr.’s knee. Sydal works over Pentagon Jr.’s knee. Sydal sends Pentagon Jr. into the ropes. Pentagon Jr. surprises Sydal with a sling blade. Sydal rolls to the outside. Pentagon Jr. tries a dive but Sydal rolls under the ring. Pentagon Jr. follows. When Pentagon Jr. pokes his head out from under the ramp Sydal lands a running knee to Pentagon Jr.’s temple. Pentagon Jr. manages to superkick Sydal on the outside. Sydal floors Pentagon Jr. with a running double knee strike off the apron. Sydal dives off the top into a kick to the gut by Pentagon Jr. Sydal response with a spin kick that floors Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr. kicks out of Sydal’s pin attempt. Pentagon Jr. escapes Sydal's top rope hurricanrana. Pentagon Jr. kicks Sydal in the knee, leaving him in the tree of woe. Pentagon Jr. back crackers Sydal. Sydal kicks out. Pentagon Jr. tries to break Sydal’s arm but Sydal escapes. Pentagon Jr. and Sydal trade chops. Pentagon Jr. hits the ropes and runs right into a knee by Sydal. Pentagon Jr. hits the Pentagon Driver. Sydal manages to kick out. Pentagon Jr. misses a double stomp. Sydal hits a splash off the top to Pentagon Jr.’s back. Pentagon Jr. kicks out. Sydal tries the Shooting Star Press. Pentagon Jr. gets his knees up. Pentagon Jr. obliterates Sydal with the Fear Factor for the win. Winner: Pentagon Jr.

After the match this happened:

In Ring Segment: LAX

Santana and Ortiz are both beat up from the brawl earlier. Konnan says that at Slammiversary they defeated The OGz but they still don’t have their titles. Konnan wants The OGz out there now. King and The OGz appear in the balcony. Konnan calls King a walking talking glory hole. Kings says to Konnan that they may have won the battle but not the war. King challenges LAX to a match. Konnan agrees.

Austin Aries (c) vs Eddie Edwards (Impact World Title Match): Aries takes down Edwards. Aries lays on the ropes and taunts Edwards. Aries hits the ropes but Edwards suplexes Aries. Edwards tells Aries to come on. Aries slaps the heck out of Edwards. Edwards yells for Aries to shake his hand. Aries runs away. Edwards chases Aries around the ring. Aries boxes Edwards’ ears. Aries tries a dive but Edwards elbows Aries in the face. Edwards forces Aries to shake his hand. Edwards chops Aries on the outside. Edwards ends up on the outside of the ring. Aries finally hits his patented suicide dive. Aries chops Edwards. Edwards begs for more. Aries pokes Edwards in the eye. Edward picks up Aries and plants him with a spin-out powerbomb. Modified gourd buster by Edwards. Aries kicks out. Aries hurricanrana’s Edwards out of a powerbomb attempt. Edwards kicks Aries in the gut and hits the tiger driver. Aries surprises Edwards with a sunset bomb. Aries transitions into the Last Chancery. Edwards bites Aries fingers to break the hold. Aries grabs the belt. The referee takes it away. Aries tries to kick Edwards in the nut but Edwards blocks it. Edwards kicks Aries in the nut. Aries kicks out. Aries accidentally hits the referee. Edwards destroys Aries with a snap DDT. The referee is down so there is no one to count. Edward picks up the kendo stick. Edwards hits the referee with it. Edwards turns his attention to Aries. Aries kicks Edwards in the nuts. Aries attempts the Brain Buster. Edwards reverses it and hits Aries with the kendo stick. Edwards chokes Aries with the kendo stick. Killer Kross walks to the ring and tosses Edwards clear across the ring with the Doomsday Siato. Aries Brain Busters Edwards for the win. Winner & Still The Impact World Champion: Austin Aries

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