Impact Wrestling Results (08/02): Pentagon Jr. & Fenix vs oVe
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Impact Wrestling Results (08/02): Pentagon Jr. & Fenix vs oVe

By sonofgod210 · Friday, August 3, 2018 · 0 Comments

Impact Wrestling
On last week's episode of Impact Wrestling, Brian Cage successfully retained his Impact X-Division Title against Matt Sydal, Austin Aries was beaten down by Eddie Edwards with a Kendo Stick and Scarlett Bordeaux made her official Impact Wrestling debut.

On this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, Pentagon Jr. & Fenix takes on oVe, Impact World Champion Austin Aries defends his Impact World Title against an underdog, Grado faces Eli Drake and more. Let's get right into the action for this week's episode.

Su Yung & The Undead Maid of Honor vs Allie & Kiera Hogan: The rest of The Bridesmaids stood right in front of the ring. Hogan and Allie attacks The Bridesmaids. Allie and Hogan dumps the heels to the outside. Hogan hits a suicide dive. The Bridesmaids surrounds Hogan. Allie dives off the top onto everyone. Allie and Hogan double teams Yung. As the referee tries to get Allie out of the ring, The Maid of Honor attacks Hogan from behind. Yung and The Maid of Honor take turns beating down Hogan. Hogan reverses a sunset flip into a front dropkick. Hogan makes the tag to Allie. Allie lands multiple clotheslines on Yung. Russian leg sweep for a near fall by Allie. Yung blocks The Code Breaker. The Maid of Honor breaks up the pin. Hogan hits her finisher on The Maid of Honor. Yung lands The Panic Switch on Hogan. Allie surprises Yung with The Code Breaker for the win. Winners: Allie & Kiera Hogan

After the match, Tessa Blanchard attacks Allie from behind. Blanchard drops Allie with a Hammerlock DDT.

We head backstage where Blanchard says that Allie is a phony. Blanchard then says that Allie is trying to weasel her way into another shot at The Knockouts Title. Blanchard then says that Allie only cares about Allie. Blanchard then says if Allie thinks she is going to get a title shot before her then she’s got another thing coming.

The OGz (w/ King) vs Ray Steele & Nathan Smokes: A total squash match. Hernandez hits a double Canadian backbreaker. Homicide ends it with a nasty Gringo Killer. Winners: The OGz (w/ King)

After the match, King says that he hates to say that he told you so but he told us so. King then says that they kicked LAX out and they have made the Impact Titles their own. Santana and Ortiz runs down the ramp and attacks The OGz. Ortiz and Santana dumps Homicide and Hernandez to the outside. Santana hits a dive to the outside. Ortiz pulls an ax out of nowhere. Before he can kill Homicide, Impact Security hits the ring and stops Ortiz.

We head backstage where Konnan tells Santana and Ortiz that this was a trap and that’s why he pulled them away.

We head to another area backstage where Sami Callihan complains about fans on the internet. Callihan then says that tonight The Crist Brothers are going to take out The Lucha Brothers.

The Desi Hit Squad vs KM & Fallah Bahh: Raju attacks Bahh from behind. Bahh takes out both Singh and Raju with a double cross body. Bahh splashes Singh in the corner then launches Singh into the air with a backdrop. KM screams at Bahh to pull Singh’s hair. Bahh obliges. KM tags in and body slams Singh. KM sets up Bahh to steamroll Singh. Gama gets on the apron to distracts Bahh. Singh chop blocks Bahh. The Desi Hit Squad takes turns working over Bahh. Raju charges in but Bahh lifts him into a Samoan drop. Bahh tags in KM. KM clears the ring. KM DDTs Singh. Bahh and KM steam roll Raju and Singh. KM tells Bahh to poke Singh’s eye out. KM Pokes Raju in the eye. Bahh pokes Raju in the eye. Bahh pokes Singh in the eye. Bahh distracts the referee at the wrong time. Singh hits the leaping complete shot for the win. Winners: The Desi Hit Squad

We head backstage where Anthony Carelli tries to give his trainee a pep talk. After he walks away, Carelli says that Aries is going to kill the kid tonight. Carelli just shakes his head.

We head to another area backstage where Johnny Impact says that for a big guy Kongo Kong is a hard man to find. Impact then says that Kong tried to make a statement. Impact then says that he isn’t going to stop looking. Jimmy Jacobs walks in and says that he was trying to be a good guy. Impact decks Jacobs. Impact tells Jacobs that he wants the monster.

Austin Aries (c) vs Dustin Cameron (w/ Anthony Carelli) (Impact World Title Match): Aries comes to the ring in street clothes eating a banana. Aries laughs in the corner as the referee shows off the title. Aries shakes Cameron’s hand. Aries takes down Cameron, rides Cameron’s back, then slaps Cameron in the back of the head. Cameron gets in Aries’ face. They push each other. Cameron arm drags Aries twice. Aries claps for Cameron. Aries surprises Cameron with a discus five arm. Aries Brainbusters Cameron. Aries pins Cameron but Aries picks Cameron’s head up off the mat the break the count. Carelli throws in the towel. Winner & Still The Impact World Champion: Austin Aries

After the match, Aries puts Cameron in The Last Chancery. Carelli gets in the ring. Aries begs Carelli to hit him. Carelli kicks Aries in the nuts. Aries stumbles up the ramp. Eddie Edwards appears behind Aries. Aries turns around and Edwards hits him with The kendo stick. Aries runs away.

We head backstage where Alisha Edwards is trying to do an interview but Eddie Edwards walks in. Eddie Edwards just wants to talk. Eddie Edwards says that it will be like it was between them. Alisha asks if Eddie is going to get the help he needs. Eddie says no, but next week he is going to win the world championship again. Alisha gets frustrated and walks away.

Scarlett Bordeaux walks down the ramp. The guy trying to interview her can barely get a word out. Bordeaux says that the question he wants to ask is how Bordeaux manages to survive in a world full of threes. Bordeaux then says that she will not be hot shamed.

We head backstage where Grado confronts Eli Drake. Grado challenges Drake to a tag team match. Drake drags Caleb Konley over and says that Konley will be his tag team partner.

Grado & Joe Hendry (w/ Katarina) vs Eli Drake & The Cult Of Lee: Caleb and Lee attacks Grado and Hendry from behind. Hendry is thrown over the top rope. Katarina checks on Hendry as Grado is getting stomped in the ring. Lee and Konley argue over who is going to be Drake’s partner. Drake beats down Grado. Lee and Konley keep switching places on the apron. Grado surprises Drake with a clothesline and back body drops him. Konley pulls Hendry off the apron. Konley and Lee get in Katarina’s face. Hendry grabs Katarina from behind to hold her back. Hendry is holding Katarina pretty tight. Grado is distracted long enough for Drake to hit the Gravy Train for the win. Winners: Eli Drake & The Cult Of Lee

We head backstage where The Desi Hit Squad are celebrating. Singh says that they are going to win the tag titles. Gama walks in and yells at them. Gama slaps them both then walks away. Gama walks back in and slaps Raju and Singh again.

Fenix & Pentagon Jr. vs oVe (w/ Sami Callihan): Fenix hits a springboard dropkick before the match starts. After each team hits the ropes a few times Fenix and Pentagon Jr. roll outside. The Crist Brothers both hit suicide dives. Jake and Dave chop Pentagon Jr. and Fenix on the outside of the ring. Jake sends Pentagon Jr. head-first into the ring post. Jake kicks Fenix into the barricade. Dave sends Pentagon Jr. into the barricade. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. both hit superkicks on the outside. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. both hits tope con hilos. After the break, Pentagon Jr. rips open Dave’s shirt and lands a sick chop. Fenix does the same. Fenix leapfrogs over Dave. Pentagon Jr. superkicks Dave. Fenix superkicks Dave. Fenix monkey flips Pentagon Jr. into Dave. Running boot from Fenix. Fenix goes up top. Callihan hooks Fenix’s leg. Dave and Jake hit the double boot in the corner. Jake puts Fenix in a submission hold. Jake says that he is going to take Fenix’s mask off. oVe works over Fenix. Dave ties Fenix and Pentagon Jr.’s mask together. Double superkicks by oVe. The referee tries to untie them. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix rip their masks to get free. Double superkick by oVe. oVe hits the foot stomp/Tombstone for a near fall. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix hit the Package Piledriver double foot stomp. Jake breaks up the pin. Pentagon Jr. tosses Jake out of the ring. Double foot stomp by Fenix. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix hit the Package Piledriver/double foot stomp again for the win. Winners: Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

We head backstage where we see that Killer Kross has laid out Carelli. Impact Wrestling goes off the air.

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