SDCC Day 2: WWE Action Figure Prototypes + Full Panel Video
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SDCC Day 2: WWE Action Figure Prototypes + Full Panel Video

By Marchman · Saturday, July 21, 2018 · 0 Comments

Mandy Rose

After revealing an enormous amount of new wrestling action figures that will be coming out over the next few months during San Diego Comic Con this past Thursday, Mattel and WWE stayed another day to show off a few more fun surprises for fans to see. After showing off some computer-generated renders of certain action figures during the WWE panel at the convention earlier this week, Mattel decided to show off some of the physical prototypes of the figures that they will be rolling out shortly so that fans who stop by Mattel's WWE booth can view them. Some of these action figures are a bit closer to being completed than others, but keep in mind that each of these action figures are still considered to be a "work in progress" at the moment.

New Retro figures of Jeff Hardy, The Iron Sheik, Braun Strowman, and Zack Ryder were among the figures displayed on a screen during the panel earlier this week, but the figures themselves were displayed during day 2 of the Comic Con festivities.

Another action figure that was put on display was the planned Entrance Greats edition of WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg. Mattel has made Goldberg a "Flashback" figure based off of his days in WCW, and it will be coming with the WCW title that he held, as well as a display stand that can play his entrance music. The new Goldberg Elite action figure now has a scheduled release date, and it looks like it will be coming out in stores everywhere in mid-October.

New prototypes for some of the basic action figures that will be coming out were also put on display during the event on day 2. The first-ever WWE action figure for Ronda Rousey was one of the most prominently featured items, and the basic figure will be based off of her official WWE debut back in January of this year.

A few other "First Time in the Line" basic action figures were displayed recently as well, including a very early version of Smackdown's Mandy Rose, and prototypes of the upcoming Battle Pack Singh Brothers action figures were also shown yesterday.

Finally, fans interested in seeing the full Comic Con WWE/Mattel panel from Thursday may now do so as Ringside Collectibles has uploaded a full video of the panel online.

Be sure to check back here all weekend long for all of the latest updates from WWE and Mattel as they take over San Diego Comic Con!

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