Latest on Rey Mysterio/WWE, Lars Sullivan Update, 3MB Reunion
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Latest on Rey Mysterio/WWE, Lars Sullivan Update, 3MB Reunion

By Marchman · Thursday, July 12, 2018 · 0 Comments

Rey Mysterio

Ever since his unexpected return during the Royal Rumble match earlier this year, WWE has been trying to re-sign Rey Mysterio to a contract. Mysterio and WWE have been negotiating a deal for months now, but the masked superstar has still not signed on the dotted line just yet. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently noted that Mysterio has a few independent dates that he wants to fulfill - namely the All In event that is being produced by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks this September, but WWE does not want him to be on that show. Despite this, it was also noted that the discussions between them are close to being finished and that Mysterio's independent dates are all that is standing in the way of his WWE return now.

NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan was involved in the biggest match of his career last month when he took on Aleister Black for the NXT Championship at NXT Takeover: Chicago. He lost the match and has not appeared on NXT programming ever since, and that is because it was revealed that he received a broken jaw during the match. Although the injury had been reported as legitimate at first, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has since clarified that Lars Sullivan's injury is indeed just part of a story that WWE is trying to tell. Lars Sullivan's broken jaw was likely created as a way to protect him and give him a legitimate excuse for losing the match. No word on when Sullivan is expected to be coming back to NXT as of now.

Long before Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre became NXT Champion, and Heath Slater became the first-ever Smackdown Tag Team Champion, the three of them worked together as a stable called 3MB on WWE television. Although the trio usually lost most of their matches, they were intent on rocking out and having a good time in the ring no matter what. It's been years since the group has been together, but 3MB just reunited recently to look back at the "WeeLC" match from Extreme Rules in 2014. They were also joined by former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle. Although an actual in-ring 3MB reunion may not be taking place for quite a while, everyone can enjoy seeing the band back together for this one video down below:

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