Lucha Underground Results (7/11): 4 Aztec Medallions Up For Grabs
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Lucha Underground Results (7/11): 4 Aztec Medallions Up For Grabs

By sonofgod210 · Thursday, July 12, 2018 · 0 Comments

On last week's episode, Jake Strong had an impressive singles debut, Worldwide Underground defeated The Reptiles but then Vibora emerged to destroy The Worldwide Underground. Matanza Cueto also had a sacrifice in the ring in the form of a brutal squash match. King Cuerno was victorious over Chavo Guerrero in a very good main event.

On this week's episode, Four Ancient Aztec Medallions are up for grabs. The Trios Champions do battle against each other and the main event pits The Machine Cage against The 1,000 Deaths of Mil Muertes. Let's get right into the action for this week's episode.

Opening Contest:

Cortez Castro vs. Matanza Cueto: Cortez Castro was in the ring looking confused. Antonio Cueto appeared on the top of the stairs and said that Castro wasn't even his real name. He said his sources told him he was a police officer and this got a ton of heat from the crowd. Antonio then said that he would like to report a murder... he wouldn't call it a murder but a sacrifice to the gods. Then Matanza Cueto came out and destroyed Castro. This was an incredibly quick match with only one quick spot and a pinfall. Winner: Matanza Cueto

Second Match:

Joey Ryan vs. Ivelisse: This match was for one of the Seven Ancient Aztec Medallions. Ryan was already in the ring and didn't get an entrance, but he was incredibly over as was Ivelisse. Joey put his lollipop in his tights to start the match and tried to get Ivelisse to touch his bathing suit area right off the bat but she resisted. Then Ryan roughed her up a little bit by rubbing her face on his hairy chest. She took him down with a springboard arm drag but as she was mounting a comeback, Ryan slapped Ivelisse across the face and she went down. He rubbed her face into the mat and she sold the pain well, but kicked out of a three pinfall attempts. Ryan tried to say that three near falls counts as six. 

Ivelisse locked on a leg scissors submission and tossed Ryan out of the ring. As she was trying to hit the dive, he jumped in and nailed her for a two count. Then he took the lollipop out of his trunk. Ivelisse kicked Ryan in the face instead of taking a shot from the lollipop. Then she took Ryan down with three tackles for a near fall. She nailed him with a boot but he countered with a spinebuster for another two count. Ivelisse handed some kicks to the legs and a German suplex for a near fall. Then she motioned that she was going up top, but Ryan nailed her with a knee. Ivelisse hit a couple slaps and a flipping powerbomb for the win. Winner: Ivelisse

Third Match:

Killshot vs. Son Of Havoc vs. The Mack: These three are Trios Champions but they were battling for An Ancient Aztec medallion. Antonio Cueto showed up and said that three champions facing each other is great, but he's going to make it greater. Then he held up two medallions. The one who eats the pinfall or submission doesn't get a prize, but the other two will. The three tried to talk a little when they started off. The Mack hit a shoulder block on Havoc when Killshot pushed him into him. Then Mack and Killshot squared off. Killshot tossed Mack out of the ring and Havoc hit a dive on The Mack. Then Killshot jumped outside and joined the fight. Havoc got back in the ring quickly and nailed both of them with another dive. The Mack hit a spinning back elbow after showing off on the ropes a little bit. Killshot got in the ring and ate a clothesline from The Mack before he hit a somersault dive over the top rope on both of his teammates/opponents. The Mack ate some kicks from Killshot as Havoc chilled outside. Mack and Killshot traded blows before Havoc got in and ate a backbreaker from Killshot. The Mack was knocked out of the ring leaving Killshot and Havoc.

Killshot started slapping Havoc over and over again until Havoc lost it and then they started trading punches. Havoc nailed a tilt-a-whirl DDT but couldn't try a pin. The Mack got back in the ring and everyone started punching each other and it turned into trading kicks. Havoc ended up out of the ring. The Mack no-sold a German suplex from Killshot and returned fire with a clothesline, but Killshot jumped up and nailed a twisting dropkick on The Mack before he could even get up. "This is awesome" chants from the crowd. Havoc jumped on the top rope and hit a double stomp on both guys but The Mack took over and laid in some knees and a cannonball on Son of Havoc. The Mack hit a Samoan Drop, kip up, and a standing moonsault for a two count on Havoc. He placed Havoc on the top rope, but Havoc fought back. Havoc tossed Mack down but Killshot stopped Havoc and scooped him off the top rope and sent him into the apron before jumping to the top rope and hitting a double stomp on Havoc. The Mack kicked Killshot off Havoc and had a moment where he had to decide who to pin. The Mack pinned Killshot. Winner: The Mack

After the match, Killshot wasn't happy about getting pinned. He slapped The Mack's hand and knocked the Ancient Aztec Medallion to the mat and left.

Main Event:

Mil Muertes vs. Cage: This match is also for An Ancient Aztec Medallion. Catrina led Mil to the ring wearing a red dress. They made reference to this on commentary saying she looked "alive." So I guess she's not in limbo anymore. Cage and Mil battled it out to begin with and traded big clotheslines and some other strikes. Cage hit a rana off a pop-up and then Mil took Cage down with a backstabber. Cage rolled outside the ring and Mil Muertes followed him. Cage took a bump into the steel barricade and came back to do the same to Mil. It was a very evenly matched encounter. Cage got his head slammed off a chair and moved back to the ring. Cage set Mil up and suplexed him into the ring from the second rope for a two count.

The referee took a bump and then Cage hit a tackle but nobody was there to count. Another referee came down but he was too late to make the three count. The second referee took a bump and rolled out of the ring and Mil hit a flatliner and pinned but there was nobody to count. Then a third referee ran down to make the count but Cage kicked out at two. Mil choke-slammed the third referee out of frustration. The crowd chanted "this is awesome" as Cage made a comeback and sent Mil out of the ring. Cage landed a big dive on Mil and set him up in a fireman's carry on the outside. Mil fought out of it and grabbed a steel chair. Cage kicked the chair into Mil and body-slammed him down outside. The cage started to scatter as Cage went into the bleachers. Suddenly, Pentagon Dark was behind Cage and hit him off the bleachers. Pentagon whacked Cage in the head with a chair and Cage rolled in the ring as the "cero miedo" chants started. Mil landed a shoulder tackle and hit a flatliner. 1-2-3 and Mil Muertes defeated Cage. Winner: Mil Muertes

After the match, Catrina went to get in the ring for the "lick of death." Instead, she got off the apron and walked away without doing anything. Pentagon stuck around to cut a promo saying that there will be a match next week for the Lucha Underground Title between himself and Cage.

Paul London was stuck in an Alice In Wonderland looking purgatory with his friends The Rabbit Tribe. Someone came in and said the white rabbit will see you now. Then London was told if he wanted to get back he would have to kill the person who brought him there with a stick. So London killed his little buddy with a stick. Blood splashed everywhere and it was quite gory. London's face was covered in blood as he smiled away. He was told that was entertaining and that's how this week's show ended.

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