WWE NXT Results - July 11th, 2018
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WWE NXT Results - July 11th, 2018

By Marchman · Thursday, July 12, 2018 · 0 Comments


  This most recent episode of NXT was very heavy on matches, which is not necessarily bad by any means as it did provide fans with a memorable main event. It was a rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships. That is not to say that the show did not serve to further some storylines, because the program between Tommaso Ciampa and Aleister Black has some juice in it now, and it looks like every woman on the roster is getting the nerve to face Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship now. As promised on NXT last week, Adam Cole faced Danny Burch to kick off the show.

Danny Burch vs. Adam Cole -

  A match between these two was made last week after Burch had enough of The Undisputed Era mocking him and his injured tag team partner Oney Lorcan. The Undisputed Era did not take Burch's challenge for a match very seriously, but there were definitely a couple of times here that Burch seemed as if he had the match won for himself.

  Cole and Burch started off the match with some back and fourth chain wrestling that actually ended up seeing Danny in control for most of it. Cole took over with a shoulder tackle before Burch retorted with a drop toe-hold that completely wiped him out for a bit. Adam Cole went outside of the ring to recuperate for a while, but Danny decided to follow him out. Cole tricked him by giving him a swinging neckbreaker onto the mats. He rolled Burch back into the ring before hitting another swinging neckbreaker. 

  Burch kicked out at two and the match kept on going. Cole dragged him around the ring and gave him some kicks in the corner before putting him in a headlock in the center. Burch was in pain with nowhere to go until he fought out of the move with some hard chops. Burch launched himself onto Cole with a Thesz Press before dishing out several blows to the face. He then hit a missile dropkick and a clothesline, but this was still not enough to stop the North American Champion and put him away.

  Although Cole fought back for a moment, Burch quickly regained momentum and control of the match when he hit a headbutt directly into Cole's chest. He beat him all around the ring before setting up the Tower of London in the corner of the ring, and he even hit the move! Despite this, Cole was still able to kick out before the count of three.

  Adam Cole then hit a few more neckbreakers on Burch before dishing out some strikes. Whatever dominance Burch had early on in the match was just about gone at this point as Cole continued to punch and pound his opponent until the match ended. He hit a necbreaker across the knee for a two count before angrily dishing out a superkick. Finally, Cole removed his kneepad to expose his knee before giving Burch a huge running knee strike to end the match.

Winner: Adam Cole

  Candice LeRae appeared outside of Full Sail and noticed NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler hanging around the building. She confronted her and said that she heard her unflattering words from last week. Baszler was unfazed and said that LeRae should just go back to being a sidekick for her husband. Candice instantly struck her as a brawl erupted between them, which needed to be split up by producers and officials.

  Dakota Kai was interviewed backstage, and she acknowledged that she has to work her way back up to the top of the NXT women's division. Kai said that she will do that and become NXT Women's Champion eventually. This brought in Lacey Evans who said that NXT needed a woman with class, and she said that Kai just simply does not have any of that. Dakota decided to challenge Evans to a match next week before she walked off.

Kairi Sane vs. Vanessa Borne -

  The match began with Sane going for a punch, but she instead gave Borne a simple pat on the head. This got a nice laugh out of the NXT crowd before the match officially went underway. Sane grabbed Borne's leg before the latter took over the match with a Samoan Drop. Borne then put Sane into a Body Scissors for a while in the middle of the ring, which Sane was obviously able to fight out of.

  Borne continued to get a few of her maneuvers in during her match against Sane, but that all changed when she went up to the top of one of the ring posts in the corner for a splash. Sane moved out of the way just in time to send Vanessa crashing down to the canvas. Sane dished out some chops before knocking Borne down once again with a spear. With the crowd now fully behind her, Sane charged after Borne while she rested in the corner of the ring with a sliding punch to the gut.

  Kairi then went up to another one of the ring posts to hit the Insane Elbow drop, but Borne was able to send her back down into the ring and prevent the move. She tried to roll up Sane for a shock victory, but the Mae Young Classic winner kicked out at two.

  Finally, with no other options left, Sane decided to lock on a brand new maneuver that she calls The Anchor. The move is a bit of a modified Boston Crab, but it looked like a truly painful and honestly devastating move to be in. Borne tapped out quickly to give Sane the win.

Winner: Kairi Sane

  After the match, Kairi grabbed a microphone and began to cut a promo on NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler. She said that she has beaten her before to win the Mae Young Classic, and that she will be able to defeat her again. This caused the crowd to chant "again" as Sane repeated herself. She said that she is coming to collect the treasure: the NXT Women's Championship. "AHOY!" she enthusiastically called out before her entrance music played and she walked to the back.

  With that, it was announced that there will be a Fatal 4-Way match during next week's episode of NXT between Kairi Sane, Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae, and Nikki Cross that will determine the next number one contender for the NXT Women's Championship.

  The announcers had been promising all night long that Aleister Black would be coming down to the ring to discuss his match against Tommaso Ciampa in two weeks. Black was interviewed outside of Full Sail University as he made his way to the ring. Along the way, Johnny Gargano stops him and says that Black cannot lose the NXT Championship to Ciampa during their match. Black promised to deal with Ciampa before he entered the building.

  Upon entering the arena, Black was suddenly ambushed by Tommaso Ciampa. He was beaten down backstage and did not even get in a single offensive move as Ciampa punched him and used equipment to beat him down. He then placed the NXT Champion onto a nearby table before giving him a DDT onto the hard and tiled floor. Paramedics and officials came rushing over to Black as Ciampa waved goodbye to him and slowly backed away.

Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Bate & Trent Seven for the NXT Tag Team Championships -

  The Undisputed Era had vowed to win the tag team title back after they were embarrassed in the United Kingdom when they lost the belts to Tyler Bate and Trent Seven during the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. The two of them were quick to invoke their rematch clause for the titles, and judging by this match, there was no way that they would be leaving Full Sail without becoming two-time champions.

  It all began with Strong and O'Reilly immediately going after Bate and Seven with some punches. The new NXT Tag Team Champions were able to shoot back by slamming the two men to the canvas before then diving onto them. O'Reilly and Strongwere also sucker punched for their troubles before they scurried outside of the ring to recover. Of course, The Undisputed Era took advantage with some double team maneuvers before gaining another advantage by implementing some mat-based moves.

  They namely used some submission moves on Trent Seven to get him to surrender the NXT Tag Team Championships. Roderick Strong began to wear down Seven's leg at this point, but the UK star still had plenty of fight in him. He was able to fight out and he darted over to the other side of the ring to tag in Tyler Bate. Unfortunately, Kyle ran down and pulled Bate away from the corner in order to prevent the tag, meaning that Seven had no choice but to continue fighting alone.

  After another batch of submission attempts, Seven fought out of them and dished out a DDT on Roderick Strong. Now with another chance to tag out of the match and recover, Seven tried as hard as he could to reach over to Tyler Bate, but Kyle attacked him once again. O'Reilly then entered the ring and locked on a heel hook, but Seven was able to kick his way out of the hold.

  With his leg now in dire condition, it was crucial that Seven finally made that tag to his partner. Finally, this was indeed the time that Seven was able to get the tag and allow Tyler Bate to come in. The inaugural UK Champion was on fire as he went after Strong with a back bodydrop. He hit a European uppercut from the middle rope before hitting a standing Shooting Star Press on Strong for a two-count. Kyle O'Reilly tried to interfere in the match, but Bate stopped him and caught him with another super fast Airplane Spin, but the Undisputed Era member was able to reverse it into a sleeper hold.

  Bate retaliated by backing Kyle into the corner, which was enough to break the hold. He threw and incoming Roderick Strong into the corner as well after that. Bate then put Strong in an Airplane Spin before catching Kyle O'Reilly's foot in mid-spin. Bate demonstrated his freakish strength by giving O'Reilly the giant swing around the ring while he continued to spin with Roddy on his back! Bate hit a German Suplex on Roddy, but he was able to recover and hit a kick and an enzuigiri. Bate hit a clothesline and went for a Tyler Drive '97, but Kyle O'Reilly swooped in and stopped him from hitting his signature move.

  Although Bate had been faring well against The Undisputed Era members, he couldn't help but notice that Trent Seven was in very poor shape. Doctors and officials were tending to him and his leg in the corner of the ring while Bate was wrestling. Bate continued to grow more and more concerned for his partner and wrestling trainer as the minutes went by. Roddy caught Tyler with a backbreaker before Kyle hit him with a penalty kick for a near fall. He then hit a Brainbuster on him for another close near fall, but Bate was able to kick out once more. After Roddy accidentally kicked his own partner, Bate scurried over to his corner of the ring.

  Trent Seven was clearly in a great deal of pain, but after seeing Tyler Bate in agony, he felt that he had to do what ever was necessary to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. Seven tagged himself into the match, which proved to be a huge mistake since his leg was not healed up by any means. He showed some fire early on by giving O'Reilly and Strong some chops. He also managed to connect the Seven-Star Lariat on Strong for a two-count, but after Strong went back after the legs, Mustache Mountain's time as NXT Tag Team Champions had practically come to an end right then and there.

  Strong locked the Strong Clutch on Seven, but it was broken up by Tyler Bate. Not to worry though, because The Undisputed Era continued their assault on Seven as Kyle went after the knees. He put him in a heel hook. Seven desperately tried to kick and worm his way out of the move, but it was no use. He began to scream and cry as Bate helplessly watched on from the corner of the ring. Bate felt so sorry for his tag team partner and he did not know what to do. Even if Seven fought out of the move, Kyle would simply reapply it shortly thereafter.

  Now eager to save his friend from further punishment, Bate grabbed one of the white towels that he and Seven carry with them to the ring. He looked on nearly in tears as Seven continued to shout and holler while refusing to give up. Bate contemplated throwing the towel in as he and Seven clearly did not want to lose the NXT Tag Team Championships, but after it was clear that Seven could not find a way out of the heel hook, Bate finally threw in the towel and called off the match.

Winners & New NXT Tag Team Champions: Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong

  Now officially 2x NXT Tag Team Champions, O'Reilly and Strong grabbed their championships and sprinted up the ramp and onto the stage to celebrate their win. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish then joined them on the stage and celebrated while mocking Bate and Seven. Bate did not event think about losing the tag team titles too much as he called for doctors and officials to come over and check on his best friend. The Undisputed Era left the building as the show went off the air.

  Well, as quickly as it began, the NXT Tag Team Championship run for Trent Seven and Tyler Bate has come to an end. Fortunately, the NXT UK show will be getting their own set of tag team titles, so this probably won't be the last time that Mustache Mountain holds gold in WWE. As for The Undisputed Era, they are now back on top of the tag team division with seemingly no other challengers on the horizon at the moment. Next week's show is expected to continue building the NXT title match between Aleister Black and Tommaso Ciampa, and it will also see Shayna Baszler's next challenger confirmed as well. Until then, I'll see you NXT time!

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