Brock Lesnar Has Re-Signed With WWE, Will Face Reigns at GRR
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Brock Lesnar Has Re-Signed With WWE, Will Face Reigns at GRR

By Marchman · Monday, April 9, 2018 · 0 Comments

Brock Lesnar

It's been a strange 24 hours for Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. First off, he shocked fans everywhere when he managed to retain his Universal Championship over Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania. The match was heavily-favored to end up going in Roman's favor, but Lesnar got the job done after hitting the F5 six different times during the match on "The Big Dog." As reported earlier today, Brock Lesnar was reportedly involved in an incident with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon after his match at WrestleMania, which allegedly saw Lesnar and Vince have a heated argument backstage. Details on what exactly happened have yet to be confirmed.

However, what has now been officially confirmed is the fact that Brock Lesnar has just signed a brand new deal which will see him stay in WWE. Details on Lesnar's new WWE contract and how long it runs were not revealed in WWE's official announcement, but it looks like the Universal Champion will indeed be sticking around the world of professional wrestling for now. Lesnar had been rumored to be leaving WWE to pursue an MMA career after WrestleMania this year, in fact, UFC President Dana White recently claimed that Lesnar would be back in the octagon again soon. Perhaps a deal has been reached which will see Lesnar compete in both companies like he did back in 2016, but that has not been specified as of yet.

With little time wasted, WWE has already confirmed the next major match that Brock Lesnar will be involved in. The company just announced that Roman Reigns will once again take on "The Beast Incarnate" for the Universal Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia on April 27th. Lesnar has not been confirmed to appear on Raw tonight, but fans can look forward to seeing Brock Lesnar on more WWE shows in the future. Expect more news and information on Lesnar's brand new deal with WWE to be revealed soon as more details continue to get out. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are staying in WWE and the former will face Roman Reigns in a steel cage match later this month.

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