Cody Says That He Is The Leader Of Bullet Club, Omega/Brandi
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Cody Says That He Is The Leader Of Bullet Club, Omega/Brandi

By sonofgod210 · Sunday, March 11, 2018 · 0 Comments

Cody Rhodes
After what transpired last Friday night between Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes & Kenny Omega at ROH's 16th Anniversary Show, Cody spoke with ROH Announcer Ian Riccaboni. Cody called out Omega for kissing his wife (Brandi is the one who actually kissed Omega) and for not wrestling as much as Cody does. He continued by saying that I am the leader of Bullet Club and I am the hero in this story.

Speaking of Brandi and Kenny's kiss, they both took the incident to Twitter and really blasted at each other and took Cody & Kenny's rivalry to another level. Brandi said that "Kenny's dream came true last the expense of my sweet lips." Omega responded by tweeting out a rating of how he felt the kiss was, his response was "2 out of 10." Brandi quickly replied by saying "Inches??? Tough break Cleaner." Cody and Kenny will face off one on one at ROH's Supercard of Honor XII on April 7 in New Orleans. Below are the exchange of tweets between Brandi Rhodes & Kenny Omega as well as the video from Cody's interview with Ian Riccaboni:






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