Randy Orton on The United States Title & SmackDown's Top 10 List
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Randy Orton on The United States Title & SmackDown's Top 10 List

By sonofgod210 · Wednesday, February 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

Randy Orton
Last night's episode of SmackDown Live saw Randy Orton answer the United States Open Challenge from United States Champion Bobby Roode but the match never happened as Jinder Mahal came out and interrupted, leading to chaos. After the segment, Randy Orton was interviewed by Dasha Fuentes and Randy Orton tells Dasha Fuentes that he doesn't care about his spot on the first Top 10 List and that he is surprised that he even made the list because he has hit the RKO on damn near everyone in the locker room. 

Orton also says that he doesn't get why anyone would vote for him but he did go to the ring tonight to defeat Roode for the title to take it back to St. Louis and call it his. Orton then says that that did not happen this week but we should stay tuned as that does not mean it won't happen. Below is the video from the backstage interview:


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