Deadspin Publishes Jerry Lawler Letter Concerning 1993 Rape Case
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Deadspin Publishes Jerry Lawler Letter Concerning 1993 Rape Case

By JosephSpencer17 · Tuesday, February 13, 2018 · 0 Comments

Jerry Lawler

Deadspin's David Bixenspan has published an article on Jerry Lawler's 1993 rape case in response to "The King" making comments about the "MeToo" movement on his podcast. 

For those unfamiliar with Lawler's history, The King avoided statutory rape and sodomy charges after allegations made by two girls, ages 13 and 14, that a then 43-year-old Lawler assaulted them. 

Bixenspan published a letter that was written to prosecutors that was an attempt by Lawler to discredit the girls. Lawler wrote, “I also know that if you did a background search on the two girls in question you will find that one of them is having a sexual relationship with the other ones [sic] brother. That their mothers are both aware of this relationship. That she smokes, drinks, has been suspended from school several times. That she brags publicly about having numerous sex partners, has claimed to be pregnant, and has exposed herself publicly and has committed lesbian acts in front of witnesses.”

Lawler continued, “The other girl is currently involved in a sexual relationship with a 40 year old neighbor whom she babysits for and also was caught having sex with a black man,” wrote Lawler. “Her mother is aware of both of these situations and admits that her daughter lies to her all the time. The girl also claims to have had sex with ‘several’ wrestlers. She has also bragged in public about having numerous sex partners and she has committed lesbian acts in front of witnesses.”

The full letter can be read at this link.

The Deadspin story also includes the affidavit with a 90-minute interview with police where Lawler mentions that the girls had been in his motel room. Lawler said the same thing to investigators in Indiana as part of a parallel investigation. His claim was that they just used the hotel room phone and nothing else happened.

Contrary to Lawler’s claims, retired Louisville detective Mike Redmond says that the girls never recanted their story. The case was dropped after the girls refused to testify and Redmond’s interpretation of their decision was that they didn’t want to get Lawler in trouble. Before the case went public, Lawler called the girls’ homes and ended up speaking to at least one of the mothers. One of the girls broke down when talking to police, but she seemed hesitant to continue with the case in light of the call from Lawler.

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