Ronda Rousey Appearing at Elimination Chamber, Dual-Branded PPVs?
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Ronda Rousey Appearing at Elimination Chamber, Dual-Branded PPVs?

By Marchman · Tuesday, February 13, 2018 · 0 Comments


Ronda Rousey shocked the world by appearing at the Royal Rumble event last month. She announced afterwards that she will now be working as a WWE Superstar going forward. Rousey has not appeared on WWE television at all since then, but it looks like we know now when she will be appearing in the ring again. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle confirmed on Raw this past Monday night that Rousey will be appearing that the Elimination Chamber event. This means that she will be working on the Raw brand once she finally begins wrestling on the roster. Expect to see Rousey begin appearing on Raw regularly after the Elimination Chamber as the buildup to WrestleMania rolls on.

As far as why she will be attending the pay-per-view in two weeks, Angle announced that she will be there to officially sign her WWE contract. WWE will reportedly be Rousey's first priority once she finishes her work on filming for the upcoming Mile 22 film. In fact, Rousey has already begun teasing a possible feud for the day that she does come back. After showing an image of herself practicing judo during the olympics several years ago, Raw's Nia Jax commented with, "I like to see you try this move on me." Rousey later responded by stating, "Principles of judo: maximum efficiency, minimum effort. Mutual welfare and benefit." Ronda will reportedly be selecting a partner to help her face Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at WrestleMania, but who knows who she could take on next?

Ever since WWE resurrect the brand split in 2016, the company has been putting on several different pay-per-views that have been exclusive to the Raw and Smackdown roster. It was announced a few months back that the Money in the Bank event is now a dual-branded show, and now, Brad Shepard of reports that all of the company's pay-per-views will be dual-branded once again starting with the Backlash show in May. The WrestleVotes Twitter account later reported that the brand split will not be ending as a result of the decision to do away with exclusive pay-per-views. As of right now, WWE has yet to confirm that Raw and Smackdown pay-per-views will be going away.

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