Mixed Match Challenge (02/06): Uso/ Naomi vs. Goldust/Rose
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Mixed Match Challenge (02/06): Uso/ Naomi vs. Goldust/Rose

By sonofgod210 · Tuesday, February 6, 2018 · 0 Comments

The Commentary Team welcomes us to the show and shows us a different way on how to watch tonight's action. Jimmy Uso and Naomi makes their way down to the ring as they get a good reaction from the crowd. Goldust and Mandy Rose makes their entrance next and Goldust goes old school by capturing a little footage of his partner like in Shattered Dreams Productions. They cover which charities the teams are competing for.

The special guest referee for tonight's match is a ponytailed Daniel Bryan, as voted on by the fans.

Jimmy Uso & Naomi vs. Goldust & Mandy Rose: The men start off the match as we get a little dance from Jimmy Uso. Goldust then asks for a quick timeout to catch his breath. After reclaiming his wind, Goldust does his trademark bark-like taunt. Mandy then calls him over and he gives her a kiss on the hand and says "that's what teams do." Jimmy Uso and Naomi matches them by hugging it out. Next step is a kiss, and Goldust checks his breath. He leans in but Jimmy Uso tries to roll him up. Daniel Bryan doesn't like the tactics and doesn't count the pin.

Naomi tags in which means that Mandy Rose has to enter the match as well. Many Rose whips her hair at Naomi which got Naomi upset and Naomi puts her down. Mandy reverses and hits a face buster bomb. She then goes to work on Naomi with a choke with the boot in the corner and a kick to the kidney. Mandy gloats a bit and goes for a kiss, which gives Naomi time to catch her breath and kick Mandy in the midsection. Naomi goes for a tag, but Mandy intercepts and slaps Jimmy. The tag is made to Jimmy and Jimmy comes in like a house afire. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop and backside to the face on the corner, but Mandy breaks up the pin. Enziguris in stereo by Jimmy Uso and Naomi but it gets reversed by in-stereo power slams. The pin gets broken up as Mandy slaps Naomi, and the chase is on. Goldust shields Mandy, but Naomi slingshots over the top rope over Goldust and hits a cross body on Mandy. Jimmy Uso tries to follow suit but meets a right hand. Jimmy Uso hits a super kick, followed by Naomi hitting a rear view, and then the frog splash finishes it off. Winners: Jimmy Uso & Naomi

After the match, the other husband and wife team, Lana and Rusev comes down to introduce themselves and they say that they are the best couples team in the tournament. They teach us a new song called "Lana is the best, Lana number one," which mildly catches on with the crowd. Lana then tells the crowd that they are going to crush Elias and Bayley next week. Then they’ll celebrate everyone’s favorite day which is Rusev Day. They then run a promo to end the show where Elias played the guitar and Bayley tried to sing. He shut her down. She asked for a hug. He shut her down again.

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