Forgotten WWE Star of the Dark Ages Could Inspire Conor McGregoro
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Forgotten WWE Star of the Dark Ages Could Inspire Conor McGregoro

By TheMark · Sunday, January 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

When it comes to sports entertainment programming, WWE has no equals when it comes to creative license and the opportunity to be flamboyant and outrageous. It is for this reason that WWE will never lose significant ground to the UFC, which is – from attire to fight protocol – as real and regulated as it gets. 

Crossovers between the two types of sports entertainment are a common occurrence. There is still an undying belief, for instance, that one the UFC’s main PPV draws, Conor McGregor could still make a full-time defection to the WWE. The Irishman is, for now, firmly focused on UFC action, and will undoubtedly be backed by punters using the range of MMA free bets available today, which can be seen on this  William Hill bookmaker review by

There are some wrestling fans who would see McGregor’s addition to the roster a much-needed boost for the franchise. 

Also a novelty pick for the upcoming Royal Rumble at +10000, McGregor’s prominence within sportsbooks and casinos that offer 100% deposit bonuses and winnings boosts can only serve to inspire him into exploring new pastures. So too can memories of other martial artists that once thrived in the WWE. Enter Marc Mero, who had a short-lived – but, in hindsight, significant – stint with the franchise in the mid-to-late 1990s. 

For nearly a year, Marc Mero had been in a feud with HHH, who still wrestled as Hunter Hearst Helmsley back in 1996. The latter would, in time, become a fully fledged superstar, but finding himself in the role of villain, HHH was about to learn just how much a fighter with an alternative background can punish wrestling’s finest on his day. Mero, like McGregor, was once an amateur boxer who translated that gimmick into a different form of fighting. Immediately after his debut, Mero was the tragic hero of his own vengeance-fuelled feud against HHH. 

HHH had ‘kidnapped’ Sable, Mero’s romantic interest, at Wrestlemania 12, forcing Mero to rescue her. His villainy didn’t stop there, and he would later use Kurt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig to steal Mero’s Intercontinental title. His bid to win back the I.C title culminated in a bittersweet victory. 

Steve Blackman was another martial artist in the WWE, and did, in fact, engage in real combat with Marc Mero on one occasion. 

After a strong start by HHH, Mero gained the upper hand, using the fleet-footedness learnt in his amateur boxing days. With the action climaxing on the outside, and the count-out in full swing, it seemed as though Mero would regain his title. However, a new rival in Goldust interfered, incapacitating both Mero and HHH. Mero won via count-out, but with the title unable to change hands through such a win method, HHH retained the title. 

Though this was a mid-card match that instantly found itself consigned to history, some people would have good cause to argue that Mero re-established the worth of the martial artist over the born and bred wrestler. In subsequent years, other martial artists such as Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar would enjoy significant successes in the ring. 

Over twenty years on, boyhood wrestling fan McGregor continues to be linked to the WWE, with Chris Jericho believing such a move to be a ‘no brainer’. Although the franchise’s future is now secure against real competitors, with many fans are once more crying out for big personalities, as they did in the less-celebrated era of the mid-1990s. Ultimately, the time must come soon for McGregor. 

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