Top Impact Star Finishes Up, New Impact Debut, Raw 25 Update

Top Impact Star Finishes Up, New Impact Debut, Raw 25 Update

By Marchman · Sunday, January 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

Ethan Carter III

It was reported yesterday that top Impact Wrestling superstar Ethan Carter III was set to conclude his run with the company during last night's television tapings in Orlando. Unfortunately for fans of Carter's work in the company, he does appear to be done with the promotion after all. Carter participated in a "Feast or Fired" stipulation during the tapings for an upcoming show. He opened up his briefcase to reveal that he was being let go from the company. Carter thanked the fans in the Impact Zone before exiting. Prior to last night's firing, Ethan Carter III had been viewed as a genuine star that Impact helped create. EC3 is reportedly set to go to WWE very soon.

Impact may have lost a star during last night's tapings, but they also appear to have gained another one. One of the rumored new names that had been set to debut for the promotion was Su Yung. She finally made her debut during last night's tapings when she aligned herself with Braxton Sutter. Along with Rey Mysterio, Yung had reportedly been in discussions with Impact about joining the company for quite some time. Yung has finally made her impression felt in the promotion, and given the fact that she is one of the most celebrated female wrestlers in the business today, it will be interesting to see what she can accomplish now that she has arrived in the Impact Zone for good.

We're getting closer and closer to WWE's huge 25th anniversary show for Monday Night Raw. The company has been announcing several guest stars for the show as of late, and the show will be taking place in two different locations as well. Several questions concerning the format of the unique edition of the program have been raised, but Wrestling Inc. has taken the time to explain how the show will likely be going down. It is being reported that two hours of the program will take place in the Barclays Center, and one hour of the show will emanate from the Manhattan Center. As reported earlier in the week, the Barclays Center is set to featured current WWE Superstars while the Manhattan Center will reportedly see the guest stars and personalities from the past return. 

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