Vanguard 1 Returns, Title Changes at Impact, Rumble to be 5 Hours
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Vanguard 1 Returns, Title Changes at Impact, Rumble to be 5 Hours

By Marchman · Saturday, January 13, 2018 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy

"Broken" Matt Hardy has been "Woken" in WWE, and even though Hardy has been portraying the character on television for a while now, it has been a while since audience members have seen some of the supporting cast members that helped make the original "Broken" character so beloved in Impact Wrestling. That may be about to change as Hardy recently released a new video on his YouTube channel showing off the return of a beloved figure from the "Broken Universe". It appears as though Matt Hardy's trusty Vanguard1 drone has returned to protect his leader going forward. Check out the video featuring the reawakening of Vanguard1 below.

Impact Wrestling is back in Orlando this week to tape a few new episodes of Impact that should be airing over the next few months. A lot of newsworthy bits of information, such as the return of Austin Aries, have already occurred at this week's tapings, but the changes haven't stopped there. This past Friday night saw two different championships in the promotion change hands. Fans who attended the tapings have reported that Matt Sydal defeated Taiji Ishimori to become the X-Division champion. Sydal now holds both the X-Division Championship and Impact Grand Championship. Later on in the night, i was also revealed that Allie defeated Laurel Van Ness to capture the Knockouts Championship.

It's not uncommon to see WWE supersize their shows nowadays. It's become a normality for their biggest pay-per-views, such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam, to exceed a length of 4 hours. This year's Royal Rumble event will be no exception. WWE is now listing that start time of this year's show at approximately 7pm ET. Combined with the pre-show scheduled to begin at 6pm ET, that means that the Royal Rumble event is scheduled to be a five hour show this year. This will allow for the men and women's Royal Rumble matches to receive plenty of time, and it will also still leave enough time for some of the other matches on the show to shine.

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