Gender for the Kanellis' Baby, Fred Ottman News, Impact on Twitch
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Gender for the Kanellis' Baby, Fred Ottman News, Impact on Twitch

By Marchman · Friday, January 12, 2018 · 0 Comments


Mike and Maria Kanellis have been by each other's sides for several years now, and they've worked together in Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and currently in WWE. The couple will be taking on the challenge of becoming parents later this year when they have their first child together. Maria Kanellis is currently 28 weeks pregnant, and she took to Twitter recently to reveal that she and her husband will be the parents of a baby girl in later on this year. While Maria has been off the road due to her pregnancy, Mike Kanellis has largely continued to wrestle for WWE at live events and in dark matches. Perhaps they will both return to television after their first child arrives later this year.

Fred Ottman wrestled for years under several different monikers. Unfortunately, the man who became famous for portraying Tugboat, Typhoon, and The Shockmaster has fallen on some tough times as of late. Ottman has reportedly been in very poor health for a while now, and it was even reported last year that he went through a brief health scare. Sadly, former WWE performers Lanny Poffo and Victoria have indicated online that Ottman's health has not gotten much better, and they have asked for fans to keep him in their prayers. Prior to the infamous Shockmaster incident in WCW, Ottman was a WWF Tag Team Champion with Earthquake as part of the Natural Disasters.

Impact Wrestling announced recently that they will be hosting a very unique match very soon. Also, it was reported recently that Impact appears to be partnering up with Twitch, but details were kept secret until now. It has been officially confirmed that Impact will be airing a Barbed Wire Massacre match between LAX and oVe on Twitch next week. The match was supposed to air on Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, but Konnan recently claimed that the network deemed the match to be too violent to air. As a result, fans are encouraged to watch what promises to be an interesting and extremely brutal match on Twitch next week instead.

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