Otunga Situation Update, Brackets for MMC, Hogan/Beefcake Latest
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Otunga Situation Update, Brackets for MMC, Hogan/Beefcake Latest

By Marchman · Thursday, January 11, 2018 · 0 Comments

David Otunga

David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson were once a powerful couple in the world of entertainment. Unfortunately, the couple went through a personal and very public split late last year. Hudson even accused her ex-husband of committing domestic battery. According to TMZ, police have concluded their investigation into the matter, and Otunga has officially been cleared of any wrongdoing. It appears as though Hudson's temporary restraining order may still stand, but it has been officially ruled that Otunga will not be charged and the case now appears to be closed. The couple is still fighting for custody of their son David Jr., but Otunga will likely continue appearing on WWE television again going forward.

All of the teams for the Mixed Match Challenge (a show featuring men and women teaming up together in an intergender tag team tournament) have been made official. Obviously, the next step is to reveal the brackets for the tournament, and WWE just done just that. WWE released a video on their YouTube channel earlier today detailing all of the matches that fans can look forward to seeing when the show premieres next week. The Mixed Match Challenge will be airing on Facebook Watch immediately after Smackdown goes off the air starting on January 16th. Check out the video down below to get a look at the brackets for the new show:

Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake were famously thick as thieves back when they competed together. Nowadays, their friendship is long dead. In fact, Beefcake and Hogan had a back and fourth feud on Twitter last year. Kenny Casanova, co-author of Beefcake's upcoming book, revealed to the Wrestling Estate that Hogan is currently attempting to fight them legally over parts of his career that are included in the book. Casanova speculated that Hogan may be fearful of being exposed for his infidelity in the book. Despite being great friends at one point, it definitely looks as though Hogan and Beefcake will not be reconciling any time soon. 

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