WWE NXT Results - January 10th, 2018

WWE NXT Results - January 10th, 2018

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  The first episode of traditional episode of NXT for 2018 comes to us from the unusual location of Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. The former home of WCW Saturday Night will be hosting NXT for the foreseeable future, so let's get this show on the road as we embark on another fun year of WWE's developmental program. As always, these are the NXT results!

  The Undisputed Era appear backstage and cut a promo directly to the camera promising that 2018 will be their year. Fish and O'Reilly promised to defeat SAnitY later on in the show.

Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai -

  These two Mae Young Classic competitors square off in the first NXT match of the year, and the match is also Baszler's debut match in NXT. Before the match started, footage of Shayna Baszler locking on and refusing to let go of a rear naked choke on a trainee at the Performance Center.

  Baszler worked over the arms and fingers of Kai in the early stages of the match. She then began to kick Kai around before stomping hard on her arm. This caused Kai to forfeit the match and the match was abruptly finished.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

  After the bell sounded, Baszler was not done with Kai. She locked her in a rear naked choke and refused to release the hold. NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon then made the save and tended to Kai as Baszler smirked at Ember and walked to the back.

  The Authors of Pain appeared in the shadows backstage. They bragged about how dominant they have been before Paul Ellering stated that they were coming to reclaim the NXT Tag Team Championships.

  General Manager William Regal catches up with Shayna Baszler backstage and reminds her of his veteran status. He says that he has seen every trick in the business. He then promised Baszler that she will not receive a title match by attacking people from behind. Shayna completely disregards his advice and walks off.

Kassius Ohno vs. Raul Mendoza -

  Ohno took on the significantly smaller Mendoza as the two started off the match on an even course. Both men attempted to roll each other up back to back for the pin several times. Mendoza was very quick in this match, but Ohno was still able to get him down for the most part. After a rather even match, Ohno picked up the victory with a Rolling Elbow.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

  Press members interview Zelina Vega backstage as they ask her about her relationship with Andrade "Cien" Almas. She says that she and Almas are on the same page now more than ever. Vega says that Johnny Gargano's win in the Fatal 4-Way match was pure luck, and she also reminds everyone that Almas has beaten Gargano on a few occasions in the past. Vega then claimed that there will be no running from Almas when he defends the NXT Championship at Takeover in Philadelphia.

  Johnny Gargano then appears for his own interview segment when the Velveteen Dream reemerges. He reiterates that his win in the 4-way was nothing but luck, and he also wanted Johnny to thank him for giving him his spot in the match. Dream said that he knows Gargano will lose against Almas at Takeover. He concluded by claiming that Gargano did not earn his spot in the Fatal 4-Way match that he won a few weeks back.

  The Street Profits dance around backstage all happy and jovial when they stumble upon William Regal's office, and by office, this appeared to be a storage room somewhere in the building. Anyway, they brought up the fact that they are undefeated and have not gotten a tag team title match. Regal then announces that the Profits will take on the Authors of Pain next week, which they seemed totally cool with.

Lio Rush vs. Lars Sullivan -

  That's right, Lio Rush is indeed still employed by WWE. Unfortunately, he may be off of television again for the next few weeks if this match was any indication. Rush's return match was against Lars Sullivan.

  This was a fairly basic match that did not go on for very long. Rush did get a chance to shine more than some of Sullivan's past opponents. For instance, Lio managed to dodge two different tackles into the posts, which caused Sullivan to favor his shoulder. Rush dodged Sullivan for as long as he could, but he was eventually shot down with a clothesline. Lars then hit the Freak Accident to get the victory.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

  After the match, Sullivan cut a brief promo about all of the opponents that he has defeated in his time on NXT. It all led to Sullivan calling out Killian Dain for a possible match at some point in the future. He then grabbed Lio Rush again and gave him another Freak Accident, but from the top of one of the ring posts this time.

  The Undisputed Era are shown attacking members of SAnitY backstage. Seemingly believing that they have effectively put the kibosh on the planned Tag Team Championship defense against SAnitY, the Undisputed Era come out and make fun of the group. Nikki Cross attempts to run down to the ring and beat them down, but referees were able to send her to the back. William Regal came out instead and furiously insisted that the titles will be defended. This brings out Roderick Strong who wants to face Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. Aleister Black then arrives and agrees to team up with Strong. They head down to the ring and the match is made official.

Roderick Strong & Aleister Black vs. Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish for the NXT Tag Team Championships -

  The impromptu title match gets underway with Black and Strong taking on 2/3rds of the Undisputed Era with relative ease. They both kick, punch, and pound their way to victory early on in the match, but the dynamic began to change when the two men chopped down on Black's leg and began to wear him down.

  They continue to work on Black for a while until Roderick Strong is finally able to make the tag. The champions try to fight back, but Strong is able to fight them off and smash his knee into O'Reilly's chest. Black gives Bobby Fish a boot to the head outside the ring, which effectively took him out of the match for a little while.

  Before Black can take advantage of what he's done, Adam Cole runs in and attempts to beat him down. This does not work out so well. In fact, all it did was anger Black. He chased after Adam Cole all the way into the audience. Unfortunately, while Black was preoccupied, Fish and O'Reilly managed to hit Total Elimination on Roddy to retain their titles.

Winners: Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish

  Black dashes back to the ring as soon as he realizes that he's been tricked. Cole gets back into the ring just in time to stop ol' Al from doing any further damage. Fish and O'Reilly held Black as Cole dished out some viscous blows and a boot to the head. Kyle then brought in a steel chair and set it up in the ring. Cole delivered a Fireman's Carry on Black, sending him down onto the chair. 

  The Undisputed Era proudly smile and walk to the back, but William Regal once again comes out and interrupts. In keeping with the tradition of hardcore matches in Philly, he informs Cole that his planned match against Black at NXT Takeover: Philadelphia will now be an Extreme Rules match. Cole angrily got up in Regal's face, but he and his friends eventually realized that this means that they can damage Black even further. They then laughed and thanked Regal as they walked to the back and the show went off the air.

  That'll do it for the first episode of NXT this year. As the weeks go on, be sure to see much more buildup for the matches at NXT Takeover before the Royal Rumble. Several matches, such as the Women's Championship and Tag Team Championship matches, still have yet to be announced for the show. For now though, the show will continue to take place in Atlanta with several more matches from WWE's future stars for a while. I'll see you NXT time!


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