"Woken" Matt Hardy Makes his In-Ring Debut, Enters Royal Rumble
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"Woken" Matt Hardy Makes his In-Ring Debut, Enters Royal Rumble

By Marchman · Tuesday, January 9, 2018 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy

"Woken" Matt Hardy has finally arrived in WWE, and fans have been reacting positively ever since he debuted late last year. Even though Hardy still has yet to face his rival Bray Wyatt on television, that match may be on the way very soon. WWE confirmed a few hours before yesterday's Raw show that Matt Hardy would be wrestling on the show. With the exception of a few live event appearances, Hardy had not yet wrestled as his new character, but it looks like "Woken" Matt has finally made his presence felt inside the ring. As promised by WWE, "Woken" Matt Hardy did finally compete in his first match during Raw from this past Monday night.

Hardy returned to action during the broadcast, but this was definitely not the same Matt Hardy that fans are used to seeing. Hardy came down to the ring with brand new custom entrance music, which incorporated his signature laugh and "Delete" catchphrases within the song. The theme also starts off with a similar piano ballad to the one that Hardy's wife Reby would perform for him during his time in Impact Wrestling. He faced off against Curt Hawkins and made short work of him. Not long after the match concluded , Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring and confronted Hardy. This caused Hardy to begin his sinister and maniacal laughter.

After proving that he can entertain fans with a string of interesting promos, "Woken" Matt also proved to his "Woken Warriors" that he can fight. However, wrestling in a singles match is much simpler than Hardy's next plan. Before his match against Hawkins during Raw, Matt Hardy appeared in a short backstage video. He confirmed that he will be entering the Royal Rumble match and that he intends on winning. Hardy has promised that he will "delete" all 29 other competitors involved in the match later on this month. Hopefully, "Woken" Matt will finally be able to get his hands on the "Consumer of Terrestrial Entities" very soon 


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