Daniel Bryan Turning Heel? Flair Reveals Her Schedule, New PC Vid

Daniel Bryan Turning Heel? Flair Reveals Her Schedule, New PC Vid

By Marchman · Saturday, January 6, 2018 · 1 Comments

Daniel Bryan

For years now, Daniel Bryan has been one of the most beloved members of the WWE roster. Fans have had no problem cheering and getting behind the former WWE Champion, and Bryan could possibly be returning to the ring very soon as well. However, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed that Bryan could be turning heel within a matter of weeks as he continue his feud with Shane McMahon. The report mentions that one other reason for the possible heel turn may be to diminish Bryan's popularity as his WWE contract comes closer to expiring. Bryan has said before that he likely won't be wrestling for WWE if he isn't cleared by WrestleMania 34.

Charlotte Flair is one of the most gifted performers in WWE today, so it's understandable that she has quite a busy schedule lined up for herself in 2018. Flair is currently the Smackdown Women's Champion, and she is also rumored to be involved in a big match at WrestleMania 34 this April. There are still several more stops before WrestleMania takes place this year, so Flair took to Twitter recently and released a schedule letting fans know where she will be performing at over the next few days. Fans hoping to see the current champion at an upcoming show in their area should take notice of the scheduled that Flair has posted online.

Over the past few months, WWE has been releasing some interesting videos on their YouTube channel of Performance Center recruits answering fans questions. The videos have provided insight on what some of their favorite NXT stars like and dislike. Since it's the first week of 2018, this week's question was all about their New Year's resolutions. Obviously, several NXT stars have some huge aspirations for the future, so it should be interesting to listen to some of the goals from the recruits this year, especially if they can meet (or even exceed) these goals later on this year. Feel free to check out the video down below.

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