WWE Elite Series 56 Action Figures are NOW AVAILABLE to Order!
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WWE Elite Series 56 Action Figures are NOW AVAILABLE to Order!

By Marchman · Friday, December 22, 2017 · 0 Comments

Jack Gallagher

One more Elite series has been released just before 2017 comes to a close. Elite 56 is now available to order! The newest set of Elite figures will see members of The Club get Elite figures. The leader of the group, AJ Styles, has a brand new headscan with longer hair. He is made with blue ring tights and he includes his tattoos. Styles also comes with a removable entrance jacket with interchangeable hoods. One makes Styles appear with the hood on, the other will put the hood down. Perfect to display in any phenomenal pose you choose!

Wherever Styles goes, the "Good Brothers" are not too far behind. Luke Gallows receives his first Elite figure since returning to WWE with a brand new figure that includes a removable entrance coat. Karl Anderson debuts in the Elite line with a confident headsculpt, long tights, and a removable cloth shirt. The two former New Japan stars are made with matching ring attire as well. Maybe next time Mattel can create figures of Tex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd, then again, maybe wanting those just makes me a neeeeeeerd!

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"The Extraordinary Gentleman" Jack Gallagher makes his Elite action figure debut in this line as well. The 205 Live star is based off of his time in the cruiserweight division prior to aligning himself with The Brian Kendrick. He is made in his striped ring gear and the dapper grappler's mustache is perfectly in check. Gallagher also includes William III, the umbrella that he has been known to use in matches.

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Another figure in Elite 56 is none other than Samoa Joe. Joe has a brand new growling headsculpt, perfect for one of the most destructive forces in WWE. Joe is made in green and black wrestling gear and he includes his signature white towel. Joe also has a removable cloth shirt.

Image result for elite 56 samoa joeImage result for elite 56 samoa joe

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"The Big Dog" Roman Reigns has returned with some fun accessories. Reigns comes with a removable entrance vest, and he also has a new bearded headsculpt as well. He also comes with a steel chair accessory and a breakaway table. The table will only make the wicked spears that Reigns delivers to other figures in your collection just that much more devastating.

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