Bret Hart Files $1 Million Lawsuit Over Botched Surgery
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Bret Hart Files $1 Million Lawsuit Over Botched Surgery

By sonofgod210 · Thursday, December 7, 2017 · 0 Comments

Bret Hart
WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has reportedly filed a $1 Million lawsuit over a botched wrist surgery that has left him unable to use his right thumb and index finger. It was reported by the Calgary Sun that Bret underwent the surgery two years ago with Dr. Justin Yeung to deal with an injury he had endured since 1981.

The report goes on to state that six weeks after his surgery on Nov. 23, 2015, Bret visited Yeung to have three pins removed and this is when he first indicated that he lacked function in his right thumb and index finger. Yeung then advised him to take a wait-and-see approach, but the problems persisted well into 2016.

"The defendants were negligent, breached the duties of care they owed to Mr. Hart and breached their agreement with (him)," the lawsuit alleges. It goes on to say that Yeung and his surgery team left "a tourniquet on Mr. Hart's right arm on too long, such that the circulation of the nerves and tendons to his right thumb and index finger were damaged by a prolonged insufficient supply of oxygen."

Because of this, Bret is now seeking $1 Million in general damage in addition to unspecified amounts for lost income and other losses.

"He is unable to participate in his previous recreational and social activities," the lawsuit states about Hart's current limitations. "He is unable to use his right hand to pick up and functionally use objects, including pens, pencils, eating utensils and tools."

The defense has not yet filed a statement disputing the allegations. Calgary Sun reports that Bret underwent another surgery in Vancouver in October, but the outcome of that surgery is not yet known.

You can read the entire report by the Calgary Sun here.

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