Vince McMahon is a Fan of 'Woken' Matt? Creative Freedom, WWE 24

Vince McMahon is a Fan of 'Woken' Matt? Creative Freedom, WWE 24

By Marchman · Wednesday, December 6, 2017 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy
On Raw earlier this week, Matt Hardy finally debuted his new "Woken" gimmick, which is a new version of his previous "Broken" gimmick that he made popular in Impact Wrestling last year. Fans have been clamoring to see Matt bring the gimmick to WWE ever since he returned to the company earlier this year. It may have taken a few months, but Hardy debuted the gimmick on this past week's edition of Monday Night Raw.Even though fans have wanted to see the character arrive in WWE, some have doubted if it will work due to the belief that Matt likely won't have any creative freedom over the gimmick, a component that made the character so successful during the initial run of the "Broken Universe."

According to a new report from Sports Illustrated, fans do not have too much to worry about after all. Justin Barrasso mentions in his "Week in Wrestling" feature that Vince McMahon is actually a huge proponent of the "Woken" character. Matt Hardy is reportedly even being given a creative license by Vince as well. McMahon likely sees how popular the gimmick already is and is aware that it can make the company a ton of money
The report mentions that Ed Nordholm currently owns the "Broken Universe" IP at the moment, but that could change soon. One key aspect that encouraged Matt to fight for the character was reportedly Jeff Jarrett's opinion that Jeff Hardy is more of a star than he is.


It looks like the WWE audience will be introduced to more members of the Hardy family very soon, whether they're "Woken" or not, as Matt Hardy's wife Reby recently tweeted out a photo of herself sitting in front of WWE cameras. The photo shows Reby sitting in front of the cameras in her Cameron, North Carolina home. According to PWInsider, the company interviewed her recently for an upcoming WWE 24 documentary on the network based on the Hardy Boyz. Reby Hardy has appeared for numerous promotions over the course of her career, but this will be her first time having any onscreen involvement in WWE.

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