RVD Can't Wrestle for WWE Anymore? Laurel Van Ness, Jericho/Owens

RVD Can't Wrestle for WWE Anymore? Laurel Van Ness, Jericho/Owens

By Marchman · Tuesday, December 5, 2017 · 1 Comments

Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam managed to impress audiences during his time in WWE, and he even managed to win the WWE Championship. He has returned to the company for the occasional one-off match here and there, but it has been years since we've seen RVD on WWE television at all. The answer as to why that is may have been revealed today thanks to a report from The Blast. RVD's recent divorce filings specify that the former ECW Champion suffered a concussion during a match against Pentagon Jr. at a PCW show on November 12th, 2016. A copy of the company's concussion management protocol is included, and RVD claims that the injury has “disqualified [him] from working for the WWE.”

It was reported earlier this week that Laurel Van Ness (also known as Chelsea Green) requested her release from Impact Wrestling during the most recent set of tapings. The company still has yet to officially grant the release to Green, but the announcement was reported to be taking place soon. However, Impact's Sonjay Dutt recently took part in a teleconference for the company, and he revealed, "To put it simply, she's the Knockouts Champion, and she's here," when asked about Green's status with the company. It is possible that Van Ness could be granted her release if she drops the title at the next set of tapings, but for now, "she's with the company," according to Dutt.

After several months of teaming up together, Kevin Owens turned on his former best friend Chris Jericho earlier this year. The two would then go on to face each other for the United States Championship at Wrestlemania 33 with Owens ultimately emerging victorious. Jericho recently discussed his feud with Owens on The Taz Show, and he revealed that the WrestleMania match was originally supposed to be for the Universal Championship. Not only would Raw's top title be on the line in the match, but Jericho claims that he was scheduled to win it before dropping it to Brock Lesnar at the very next pay-per-view.

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