Owens Lashes Out on Twitter After Wife's Instagram Was Hacked

Owens Lashes Out on Twitter After Wife's Instagram Was Hacked

By sonofgod210 · Tuesday, December 5, 2017 · 0 Comments

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens recently took to Twitter and lashes out his frustrations after his wife's Instagram account was hacked over the weekend.

The hack reportedly included messages that said Owens had cheated on his wife multiple times. Owens' wife, Karina, later cleared everything up and noted that Owens even deleted his Instagram because someone tried taking it over, presumably the same people that hacked her account.

"Social media is an absolute cesspool," Owens tweeted. "The way some people try and ruin people's lives for no apparent reason is genuinely depressing. My Instagram is gone, again and now people are going after my wife too. It's disgusting. Needless to say, I would never do this to my family."

Below are the screenshots of the messages from Kevin Owens' wife and his tweet:






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