'Woken' Matt Hardy Finally Debuts on Monday Night Raw

By Marchman · Tuesday, December 5, 2017 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy

YEEEAAAASSS! At last, the Seven Deities have blessed us with the return of Matt Hardy's beloved "Broken" gimmick. After weeks of teasing the arrival of the character on WWE television, the company finally pulled the trigger and debuted the character on Raw for the first time ever. After losing to Bray Wyatt on Raw last week, Matt Hardy seemed to have what was described as a "breakdown" in the ring before encouraging the crowd to recite the "Delete" chant made famous by the "Broken" Matt character. After hyping up the arrival of the gimmick on social media, Matt Hardy, now known as "Woken" Matt Hardy, finally debuted on Raw last night.

Matt Hardy's "Broken Universe" received a ton of attention during its initial run in Impact Wrestling last year. Hardy was praised for creating an original, unique, and interesting character. Unfortunately, when he and his brother Jeff Hardy returned to WWE this year, the company was not able to bring over their "Broken" gimmicks because Impact Wrestling claimed sole ownership of the characters. The Hardys and Impact engaged in a very public and bitter feud over the characters. The feud just recently came to an end when Impact's parent company Anthem announced that they were no longer pursuing the rights to the character. Not long after that statement was made, the "Broken" gimmick has returned.

Fans online tuned into Raw on Monday night and were anticipating the arrival of the character more and more with each passing minute. Their patience was rewarded when Bray Wyatt's usual backstage promo was interrupted by none other than "Woken" Matt himself. The frenzied hair, the bizarre accent, the damask robe, and vernacular of the old "Broken" character were all back in full force. It appears as though Matt's first feud as the character will be against Wyatt, so it will be interesting to see what the two will be able to pull off with their characters. Matt has declared himself to be officially "Woken," so we'll have to wait and see how the gimmick will be utilized now that it has finally made it to WWE.



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