NXT To Tape At Old WCW Location Next Year
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NXT To Tape At Old WCW Location Next Year

By Soul Tsukino · Tuesday, November 14, 2017 · 0 Comments

According to pwinsider.com, it was announced tonight during the RAW tapings in Atlanta that NXT would hold a TV taping in the city sometime in early 2018.

It has later been reported that the tapings would be held at Center Stage, the studio and location that WCW used to tape their shows starting just after the sale to Ted Turner in 1989 and lasting until the company's near end in 2000 when the AOL merger made a lot of the Turner assets ether be shut down, sold, or reorganize to avoid the first two. The location was most notably used for the Saturday Night WCW show that was the flagship show for the company going back to the Crockett ownership days until Nitro debuted in the mid-90s.

NXT has used this location for tapings before so it is nothing new for them. With old WCW ideas like Starrcade and War Games being used, it will be interesting to see if the WCW connection would be mentioned at these tapings or ignored. With Triple H being in much more control of NXT than Vince McMahon, a different way of thinking is used for their shows that what the WWE main roster uses. No matches or anything has been announced for those tapings as of yet.

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