Bullet Club Teases Being At Site Of RAW Again.

Bullet Club Teases Being At Site Of RAW Again.

By Soul Tsukino · Monday, November 13, 2017 · 0 Comments


Earlier today Cody Rhodes posted several pictures on Twitter teasing that he and members of The Bullet Club were in Atlanta, the site of tonight's Monday Night RAW.


If you remember a number of weeks ago, the Bullet Club did a similar thing and "invaded" the site of RAW in a similar fashion that WWE's own DX group did to WCW Nitro back during the Attitude Era. The incident supposedly lead to WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs being fired for taking pictures with the New Japan Stable Members and posting them online, leading to his termination. Another fallout from the incident was it supposedly lead to the WWE filing a Cease and Desist order against The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, saying that the WWE owned the right to the "Too Sweet" hand gesture and catchphrase steeming from WWE purchasing several names and properties from buying WCW in early 2001.

It should be noted, just like the original incident back over a decade ago, the Bullet Club did not appear on WWE Television, and NJPW itself has not made much, if any mention of the incident, let alone today's actions.


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