Full List of Returns, Debuts, and Rumors from Bound for Glory
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Full List of Returns, Debuts, and Rumors from Bound for Glory

By Marchman · Monday, November 6, 2017 · 0 Comments


Impact Wrestling held their annual Bound for Glory pay-per-view this past Sunday night, and as rumored for a while, plenty of names either returned for debuted for the promotion. Alberto El Patron came back during the show, and he proceeded to rant on the company for suspending him and stripping him of the world title earlier this year. He vowed to make his presence felt during the show, which he did by interfering in the main event, allowing Eli Drake to defeat Johnny Impact. Gail Kim also won the Knockouts Championship in what was advertised as her last match. She was later confirmed to appear on the next Impact show, possibly to relinquish the title and say her goodbyes.

After weeks of Impact Wrestling roster members departing the company, some new talent emerged on this show. Dave and Jake Crist came down to the ring to fight LAX, but they were joined by none other than Sami Callihan for the match. With Sami's help, they were able to defeat Konnan and his teammates at the inaugural event. After the match, Callihan took the mic to inform the crowd that he is here to stay, and he and the Crist brothers will be making an impression on Impact going forward. This would confirm reports that Callihan would be appearing at Bound for Glory, and as he promised, it looks like he will continue to appear on Impact Wrestling for now.

Perhaps one of the most shocking debuts came when a former WWE staff member unexpectedly arrived at the event in Ottawa. Jimmy Jacobs appeared at the announcer's table during the show at one point, and when asked what he was doing there, he did not reply with a direct answer. Jacobs worked for WWE as a writer until he was released a few months ago due to a photo that he posted of himself with members of the Bullet Club faction. There is no word on what Jacobs' role in the company will be, but he does definitely have a ton of experience working in creative now. Former WWE Superstar Santino Marella appeared in the crowd during the show, but he seemed to imply that he was just visiting friends. PWInsider also reported that Tessa Blanchard was backstage during the show.

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