More News on The Releases of Emma, Darren Young & Summer Rae
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More News on The Releases of Emma, Darren Young & Summer Rae

By sonofgod210 · Saturday, November 4, 2017 · 0 Comments


As we all know by now, WWE has recently released several superstar namely Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. With all of them just recently being released, it is pretty much certain that all three will end up having to wait for the 90-day non compete clauses to end  and none of them will be able to use the names that they have been using in WWE anywhere else that they may decide to compete in the future. Also due to the non-compete clauses, it means that they can't wrestle until February of next year, but they will still continue to get paid their WWE salaries.

According to recent internet reports, it looks like Emma will use her real name in the independent scene which is Tenille Dashwood, but it has been said that the independent promotions aren't a good place for women wrestlers to make any significant amount of money. While Impact Wrestling could be an option for her, she should still be able to get regular bookings in other independent promotions. Though it has been reported that Impact Wrestling are currently in a cost-cutting mode.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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