Updated Backstage News on Neville, Enzo to Win Title Back Soon

Updated Backstage News on Neville, Enzo to Win Title Back Soon

By sonofgod210 · Friday, October 13, 2017 · 0 Comments

As we all know by now and as previously reported, Neville was not on Raw due to multiple reasons. According to reports, Neville was unhappy with The WWE for a few months now and he has asked for his release to be able to work in other promotions. The reports also states that the reason Neville wasn't on Raw is because he was scripted to lose in a non-title match to Enzo and it is being said that when he found out about the result hours before Raw, he pretty much just quit and wanted out of his contract immediately. 

Because of this, Vince McMahon himself came up with the alternate idea of having Kalisto beat Enzo for the title. McMahon was said to have made that last second decision because nobody else on the writing staff could come up with a better idea given the time constraints.

Neville's status remains up in the air as WWE publicly continues to state that he has not quit or left the company, but backstage sources have said that he is "100 percent" gone.

Even though Kalisto is the current Cruiserweight Champion, the plan is for him to drop the title to Enzo sooner or later as they have built 205 Live around Enzo's character.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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