Balor Wants Conor McGregor In WWE, White Denies Deal Happening

Balor Wants Conor McGregor In WWE, White Denies Deal Happening

By Soul Tsukino · Thursday, October 12, 2017 · 0 Comments

The Sun recently ran a story talking to WWE's resident Irish Superstar Finn Balor about the heavy rumors that former UFC star Conor McGregor was inking a deal to appear at next year;s Wrestlemania event.

Finn is quoted as saying:

“I try and keep myself out of rumors, but it is Conor McGregor and the WWE. It’s a huge coup for the WWE. Without a doubt, the biggest sports star in the world right now. He would bring a huge amount of eyes to our product, which would benefit everyone in WWE. If I was given the opportunity to get in the ring beside Conor, or across the ring to face him, it would be huge for me. It would be a very interesting scenario at WrestleMania. I sincerely hope they are not rumors."

However, Former UFC part owner and now UFC mouthpiece Dana White has flat out denied the rumors of a deal taking place, even showing a text conversation he had with Vince McMahon himself on Good Day New York saying that Vince texted him, “News to me” and “It might be good someday but not now.”

We shall see as the future unravels if there is any merit to these rumors or not.


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