Jim Cornette flashes his junk to live crowd

Jim Cornette flashes his junk to live crowd

By Soul Tsukino · Thursday, October 12, 2017 · 0 Comments


In one of those incidents you don't even want to picture in your mind let alone wrote the headline for, Jim Cornette recently exposed himself briefly to a live crowd attending a Bruce Pritchard live show in Detroit.

Jim was on stage as part of the show when he happened to notice one of the props used was a cardboard head of Vince Russo, former head of creative for both the WWF and WCW back in the 90s and one of Cornette's sworn enemies (not a very exclusive list) over the years. He grabbed the likeness and tossed it to the ground to simulated pissing on it, promising Bruce he wouldn't tear it up. Cornette then pulled down his pants and in doing so briefly flashed his "Beautiful Bobby" to the crowd for a brief second. It has been reported by several people in attendance and there is even video of the incident. Thankfully it is censored.

The issues with Vince Russo go way back to the mid-1990s when both men shared head creative duties in the WWF. Cornette utilized a more traditional booking method while Russo was pushing things in a more adult direction. Eventually, Russo took sole control of the job and Cornette was demoted leading to the WWF's "Attitude Era" that took off in popularity. Cornette had blamed Russo for "killing the business" ever since. They worked together while both were in TNA but that didn't last very long as Jim left soon after. Hostilities have gotten so bad between the two that the police have gotten involved after Russo filed protection orders against Cornette multiple times.

At least we can say that during the live show, Jim was having a ball.


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