Stephanie Tells Fortune That The Fans Are In Control

Stephanie Tells Fortune That The Fans Are In Control

By Soul Tsukino · Thursday, October 12, 2017 · 0 Comments

Fortune recently published an article on Stephanie McMahon, in it the company's Chief Brand Officer and also know as "Daddy's Little Girl". spoke at the "Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit" held in Washington DC.

The article mentions the WWE Network. Still using the phrase of it being OTT (Over the Top) streaming service, that it launched in 2014. Stephanie claims that the WWE Network was originally conceived as a traditional television service, but that things changed when the company looked at their customers' online habits (with the article mentioning the WWE Youtube channel is the second most popular channel globally) and combine with their live event number made them step forward with the new plan.

No mention of their previous online service or their failed bid to buy the G4 Network at the time.

The article also mentions quotes from McMahon saying that “We’re taking feedback in real time.” And with NXT, “our audience is actually determining who makes it to the next level—and they know it. Our audience tells us what they love, what they don’t like, and—worst—what they don’t care about."

It is noted the article specifically mentions NXT, which is under the control of Stephanie's husband Paul Leveque (Triple H) while the main company is still under the control of Vince McMahon, who has faced many accusations of not listening to fans and going with whatever he personally wants to do.


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