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West Virginia 

Bradshaw-- Southern States Wrestling at The City's Fall Festival: Krunch The Equalizer beat Phillip Lawson... Beau James pinned Shawn Cruz...  Jesse Jameson pinned J.D. Hogg ... Phillip Lawson, Beau James, and Jesse Jameson beat Shawn Cruz, Krunch The Equalizer, and J.D. Hogg 
(10/7/17)                                                                                                                  - Fay Ferguson 


Combs-- Appalachian Mountain Wrestling at The Elementary School: Clinton Stacy beat Beau James ... Jake Brake pinned El Degato 3 .... Misty James pinned Kyle Maggard ... The Mega Destroyer beat Eddie Browning ... Appalachian Champion Stan Sierra with Phil Phair beat John Noble
(10/7/17)                                                                                                                    - Nathan Lyttle

This Week's AMW TV Programs

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling airs Wednesdays at 8:00pm on My Hometown Channel 24 out of Hindman KY. The program can be seen in most counties in Southeast Kentucky. 

Oct 4th TV 24 program

Watch AMW on Hazard's WYMT 57.2 Heros and Icons every Saturday Morning at 11:30am The program can be seen in over thirty counties in four states.

Days away from the Battle Lines DVD taping, AMW-TV takes a in-depth look at some of the biggest matches on the card. Plus, see exclusive footage from Blackey, Kentucky and hear from some of the biggest stars in AMW.

Oct. 7 TV Link


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