Harper and Rowan Repackaged

Harper and Rowan Repackaged

By Soul Tsukino · Wednesday, October 11, 2017 · 1 Comments

Tonight during Smackdown a vignette played showing a repacked Luke Harper and Erik Rowan. The two hadn't been seen on TV in months and rumors of a repackage and relaunch were rumored for quite some time.

The video featured the two in hood robes holding large medieval style hammers. Rowen was still wearing one of his designed masks and they were called "The Bludgeon Brothers".

The immediate reaction from many online was that Harper and Rowan look at lot more similar War Machine, the team of Hanson and Raymond Rowe that has been featured on Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Whatever the case it appears they are finally taking the two in a different direction.

Rowen and Harper started out as members of The Wyatt Family following the leadership of Bray Wyatt. They were split for a time with Harper originally staying with Wyatt while Rowen was given an oddball genius gimmick where it was said he was a Mensa member and made his own wine. Understandably the gimmick flopped almost immediately. The two have split up and reformed with Wyatt a few times since then, but injuries to both over the years have held both of them back.

With this revamp we will see where this new direction will take them.


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Heavy Weight Champion

Just keep them with Bray.. They need each other.


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