Linda McMahon Speaks At WOW! Forum

Linda McMahon Speaks At WOW! Forum

By Soul Tsukino · Saturday, October 7, 2017 · 0 Comments

Small Business Administration Head Linda McMahon was the keynote speaker at the annual WOW! Forums, the Northwest Connecticut’s Chamber of Commerce all-day event to inspire more women in business.

In addressing the crowd, Linda spoke about her own background including when she and Vince went bankrupt in the 70s:

"That was really a tough time, especially because I was pregnant with our second child. We lost our home; my car was repossessed in the driveway. We were knocked down, but we were not defeated. We got right back to work starting over, building our business from scratch.”

She also spoke about the role of the SBA as it pertains to disaster relief, especially in Puerto Rico after the devastation of the hurricanes there. She said that the SBA was guaranteeing loans; awarding government contracts to small businesses; and providing mentorship and training.

She then called on the women of this forum to see themselves as role models and set examples for the next generation of women.

“I want young girls to see a woman taking on a big challenge. I want them to see you can take a risk, and if you make a mistake or don't succeed, that's OK. I want them to have the confidence to say yes, whether it's to a new sport they haven't tried, a new class they've never taken, or a big job they've never done. You never know what you can achieve until you try.”

You can read more about the forum at The New Haven Register.


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