James Storm Has A Change Of Heart.

By Soul Tsukino · Thursday, October 5, 2017 · 0 Comments

James Storm, the longtime beer drinking, boozer scooter riding, redneck cowboy of Impact wrestling admitted that he has been thinking about this country's gun laws since the Las Vegas shooting. In a result Impact Weekly media call he had this to say:

The Las Vegas shooting

“I am trying to live life to the fullest. Especially after seeing all this Las Vegas stuff going on. I have a bunch of friends out there and some of them were actually performing on stage when this was all going on. Me being a redneck from the south I am sure you would think I would be for all these guns but I’m not. I believe in the second amendment but I believe our forefathers didn’t really know about machine guns when they were writing that amendment. I think it kind of needs to be re-written because I don’t think a civilian needs to have automatic machine guns to protect themselves.”

People he knew who were performing at the event

“My friend John Rich was there and Cowboy Troy. Jason Aldean was there and we actually live in the same town. They were all out there. I actually had a couple buddies that were four doors down from where the shooter was at.”


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