Sister Abigail Identity News, Bagwell and Raven Lawsuit Update

Sister Abigail Identity News, Bagwell and Raven Lawsuit Update

By Marchman · Wednesday, October 4, 2017 · 0 Comments

Bray Wyatt

Since beginning his run on WWE television as Bray Wyatt, the wrestler has promoted that he has a sister named Abigail. The mysterious figure has been referenced numerous times over the course of Bray's time in WWE, and the superstar also has his finisher named after his fictitious sister. Rumors of a superstar portraying Sister Abigail have popped up on occasion, but WWE never has pulled the trigger on the reveal. It appears that the Sister Abigail mystery will finally be revealed in just a little bit in WWE. Who will be portraying Sister Abigail in WWE? According to new reports, the answer may comes as a bit of a surprise to some fans.

Ever since Bray Wyatt talked about Sister Abigail on this past week's Raw show, rumors of NXT's Sage Beckett or Paige being revealed as Bray's sister have surfaced. However, Pro Wrestling Sheet has leared that the plan is apparently for Bray Wyatt himself to become Sister Abigail. The plan is for Bray to wrestle at TLC as Sister Abigail and continue using the character occasionally from there, much like how Finn Balor will sometimes use his "Demon" character. It is being said that WWE is not considering adding a female to the roster in the role of Abigail, nor will they be doing so in the future. Balor and Wyatt will likely wrestle at TLC, which is where Wyatt is set to debut the new gimmick.

Raven and Buff Bagwell have been involved in lawsuits against WWE for allegedly not paying them royalties due to some of their footage being used on the WWE Network. This is supposedly brought on by the company breaching a contract to pay direct sales royalties and not paying within 90 days after the end of each quarter of the year. PWInsider now reports that Bagwell and Raven will no longer be claiming as a class action that on "behalf of individuals who are parties to the following contracts and are part of the following alleged subclasses in this matter: (1) Titan Sports, Inc. d/b/a World Wrestling Federation Booking Contract fromthe signing period of January 1, 1993 until December 31, 1993; and (2) WCW, Inc. Booking Contract from the signing period of March 24, 2001 until January 1, 2004." Now they will be pursuing those attahced to a WWE booking contract from 1999 until 2004. Apparently, no class claims will be coming from Bagwell's end going forward.


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