Sister Abigail To Debut Soon?

By Soul Tsukino · Tuesday, October 3, 2017 · 1 Comments


Last Night during Monday Night RAW Bray Wyatt told Finn Balor that contrary to rumors,  "Abigail is alive and dying to meet you." teasing that often mentioned sister of Bray Wyatt was finally reveal herself to fans.


There have been rumors for years that the WWE wanted to have someone play Abigail in real life but it was never gone through with. The idea for a long time was that Abigal was Wyatt's sister who had passed away somehow when they were young.

However, if such a plotline were to take place, it would be in total contradiction to the storyline from earlier this year when Randy Orton joined and then turned on Wyatt by burning down the shack where supposedly Abigail's bones were buried. Of course, being the WWE, they wouldn't care and just tell the fans or that it was "mind games" all along.

Interestingly there was another tease about the character on Twitter when NXT Women's wrestler Sage Beckett tweeted this picture during RAW:


Some have said this is a clue that she will be the one playing Abigail, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. 


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Heavy Weight Champion

Bray needs something .. without his crew.. his character is getting a bit stale


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