WWE NXT Results - September 27th, 2017

WWE NXT Results - September 27th, 2017

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  Adam Cole has officially arrived in NXT! The former Ring of Honor World Champion wrestled his very first NXT match in the main event of this week's show, but he wasn't the only competitor to make his in-ring debut on this show. Former CWC participant and recent WWE signee Fabian Aichner impressed in his NXT debut. We also known about the plans for two of the NXT titles. Let's dive into the show.

  William Regal starts off the show with a promo backstage somewhere updating fans on the status of the NXT Women's Championship. He announced that there will be a Fatal 4-Way match at NXT Takeover: Houston in November to determine the new champion after Asuka vacated it a few weeks ago. Kairi Sane has already earned a spot in the match due to her Mae Young Classic victory.

  SAnitY come down to the ring with no entrance music as Eric Young takes a mic and begins to hype up his match against Adam Cole later in the show. He said that no group has been able to leave a mark in NXT like SAnitY has. He said that nothing matters in this world except for chaos. Young concluded his remarks by promising to take Adam Cole to the edge of SANITY!

Lars Sullivan vs. Oney Lorcan -

  Any guesses how this match went? Lars continued his path of destruction here, but Lorcan did manage to put up a decent fight against the significantly taller and stronger Sullivan.

  Before the match, Lorcan said that he did not like what Lars did to No Way Jose, he wants to see what Lars can do to him.

  Lars grappled, tackled, and slammed Lorcan around at first, that is until Lorcan managed to hit a dropkick. However, this had little effect on Lars, who just kept on fighting. Lorcan was tossed out of the ring before Lars ran after him. Oney then ran back into the ring before Sullivan could get to him. He elbowed him down to the mat before attempting a dive. Unfortunately, Lars caught him and slammed him onto the apron violently.

  Back in the ring, Lorcan fired back with a European uppercut when Lars tried to run into him in the corner. Oney did what Oney does best: he chopped his opponent like a fish, but still, these chops did absolutely nothing to wear the big man down. Finally, Lars gave Lorcna a lariat before hitting a side spinebuster to win the match.

  After the match, Lars went back into the ring to attack Lorcan some more. He picked him up for a slam, but Danny Burch ran down to the ring and pulled Oney away just in time. They went to the back while Danny mouthed off to Lars from a distance.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

  Ruby Riot is interviewed about her match against Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. She said that she is not friends with Nikki and has not seen her since, despite Nikki helping her win the match a few weeks back. She says that if the Australians want another match, she will be happy to oblige. She warned Nikki Cross to stay out of her way.

Demetrius Bronson & Patrick Scott vs. Heavy Machinery -

  The match started off with Tucker Knight taking on the significantly smaller and wimpier Patrick Scott. Scott did not do much in the way of action, he was mostly slammed around by Tucker until Bronson tagged in.

  Bronson showed a little more fire, but his offense ended was extremely brief. Otis Dozovic tagged himself in and the two big boys slammed Bronson to the mat with some of their signature double-team moves. Bronson hit a dropkick on Otis, but Dozovic hit a belly-to-belly suplex on him not long after that. He went to give Demetrius an elbow drop, but he did a little dance before executing the move. Tucker came back in, and they hit the Compacter to win the match.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

  Regal is talking with some press members outside of the Performance Center when Johnny Gargano comes walking out of the building. He informs Gargano that he will face Andrade "Cien" Almas in two weeks in a rematch. After he left, Regal promised to the media personnel that he has something special planned for Takeover: Houston.

  Roderick Strong is interviewed about his upcoming NXT Championship match against Drew McIntyre. Strong said that he wants to be the best for himself and his family. He said that he was never one to stay down, he always gets back up and moves forward. He reminded everyone that he's lost his chance to win the title before, but he vowed to win this time. He turned to the camera and warned McIntyre that he didn't have the tenacity to face him. He made a promise that he will not stop fighting until the announcer says "and the new NXT Champion... Roderick Strong."

Liv Morgan vs. Vanessa Borne -

  This was the first match to determine who will step closer towards earning a spot in the Fatal 4-Way at NXT Takeover: Houston. Both participants cut brief promos promising to win before the match. Vanessa Borne was in the Mae Young Classic, so she gets another chance to win the title when she already lost the tournament? That doesn't seem too fair to poor Kairi now.

  I suppose it didn't matter anyway, because Borne lost here. She slapped Morgan on the butt when the match first started. When Borne would try to hit a clothesline, Morgan would the the Matrix-style duck backwards. Borne slammed Morgan around for a bit with some basic moves.

  Morgan gained the upper hand when she hit a drop toehold on Borne. Morgan tackled her and gave her an enzuigiri before getting the crowd fired up with a kip-up. She hit a running bulldog and double knees to the face to win the match.

Winner: Liv Morgan

  In the Performance Center, Aleister Black is practicing his kicks when he is asked about last week's encounter with The Velveteen Dream. Aleister, who referred to the Dream as "Patrick," said that he refuses to give him his attention.

Kassius Ohno vs. Fabian Aichner -

  Before this match started, a video package showing Aichner's offense in his Cruiserweight Classic match against Jack Gallagher was shown. Was he as impressive here in his debut NXT match against Ohno?

  Ohno got in his usual moves at the start of the match, but after that, the two of them had a pretty evenly-paced match. They went back and fourth with Ohno hitting some strong moves, and with Aichner delivering some crazy dives and flips. 

  Once he missed a double springboard moonsault, Aichner's fate was sealed. Kassius Ohno took control with some rolling elbows and a few knee strikes as well. He ultimately was able to gain the win over the NXT rookie after nailing the cyclone kick.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

  Drew McIntyre is interviewed about his match against Roderick Strong in two weeks. He says that no one has wanted to face him for the title, but Strong did it like a man. When Drew appeared on the stage after Strong defeated Bobby Roode on NXT a few weeks ago, he did it because he was proud of Roddy. He acknowledged that Roddy is good, but his first NXT title defense will not be his last.

Adam Cole vs. Eric Young -

  Before the match began, Cole took the mic and asked how this company survived so long without himself, Bobby Fish, or Kyle O'Reilly. He says that we were all feeling a change. Cole says that he and his friends are "untouchable, unstoppable, and undisputed" before concluding that this was their era.

  Eric Young and SAnitY came down to the ring, and Young went absolutely nuts on Cole throughout the match. It makes sense seeing as how he's been attacked by him on multiple occasions. Young started of kicking and punching Cole before landing a swinging neckbreaker. He was then briefly distracted by Fish and O'Reilly on the outside.

  Cole fired back by attacking him from behind. He stomped him repeatedly in the corner until Young shot back with some kicks of his own. Adam Cole got Young back up and hit a roundhouse kick, sending Young outside of the ring.

  He got Young down for a few near falls and tried to wear him down with knees to the spine. Cole locked Eric in a headlock for a tremendously long time until Young finally fought out of it. With Eric back up, he kicked Adam Cole before hitting some sharp clotheslines. He hit the neckbreaker, and then decided to finish off Cole with a high-risk maneuver.

  Young went up to the top of one of the ring posts, but Fish and O'Reilly tried distracting him again before he could hit it. The other SAnitY members all attack the former ROH stars. Young was conflicted on who to jump on for a moment, but rather than hit Cole, he decided to land on his own teammates and Fish and O'Reilly. While this did get a nice reaction from the Full Sail crowd, it led to Young's downfall. Adam Cole connected with a boot to win his debut match in NXT.

Winner: Adam Cole

  The trio of former Ring of Honor stars continue to "shock the system" in WWE, and now Adam Cole's WWE career has officially begun. Coincidentally enough, next week will see the NXT Championship between Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong take place, and the latter obviously is also a former ROH wrestler. Could The Undisputed Era could gain another member in that match? We'll have to wait and see until next week's long-hyped main event. I'll see you NXT time!


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