Kurt Angle Asked About Nia Jax

Kurt Angle Asked About Nia Jax

By Soul Tsukino · Wednesday, September 27, 2017 · 0 Comments


Recently on Twitter, a fan asked RAW GM, Kurt Angle, why Nia Jax is the only woman in the company who has her weight announced as she comes to the ring. Kurt, playing the GM role even on Twitter responded with



A fair enough response. Nia has been a plus-sized fashion model in the past, along with being The Rock's cousin and a member of the Samoan family that has had many members in the ring for years.

However, another Diva on the roster, Tamina, daughter of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, chimed in with her own response, appearing to not like what is being done with the fellow women's wrestler.



Nia Jax herself responded to the post with her own tweet. It appears she is just fine with it.


The answer most people would give you is that Nia Jax is supposed to be marketed as an unbeatable monster who is larger than everyone else and could flatten anyone she wanted. However, she hasn't always been booked that way. A match with current RAW Woman's champion Alexa Bliss was built up but the end result was turned into a 5-way match. A one on one match was used to build up for the 5 way match at no Mercy without the title on the line. Once the 5-way match happened, Bliss was put into a program with Mikki James as it seems the company is just waiting for Asuka to arrive. Where Ms. Jax ends up now has yet to be seen.


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