Mattel's WWE Basic Series 77 is AVAILABLE to Order Now!

By Marchman · Wednesday, September 20, 2017 · 0 Comments


We caught a glimpse of the next set of basic WWE action figures at the San Diego Comic Con back in July, but now the action figures have officially been released to the public. Series 77 of Mattel's basic WWE action figures features new articulation in the arms and some of WWE's biggest names immortalized as action figures. Finn Balor is one of the names that appears in this new series of action figures. Balor is made as his regular self with a clear and confident headsculpt, and he comes in black trunks and black boots, and he has a Balor Club armband. Balor is not the only figure included in this new series of figures from Mattel.

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"The Big Dog" Roman Reigns returns to the line in all of his glory with a new smirking headsculpt. His tattoo is detailed and very accurate as well. Roman Reigns also includes his vest brandishing his logo in orange trim. Additionally, the vest can be removed, and he even has has signature shoulder gauntlets. He's ready to take on all challengers, including John Cena.

Dean Ambrose also is back with a brand new action figure in this series. He has a smirking headsculpt that is very befitting of a lunatic like himself. His hands are taped up for battle and he is wearing blue jeans. He also has a molded on grey t-shirt.

The next figure in the series is a brand new Seth Rollins figure. Rollins has a screaming headsculpt and is wearing his usual grey and black ring tights. He has grey kneepads and boots, and he also has a molded t-shirt with his logo on it. This is the and the Dean Ambrose action figure will go together perfectly, and you can get the Roman figure to create that 'Shield reunion' that we're all still waiting for.

The last figure in this series is a very special one. Series 77 includes the debut action figure for Raw and Smackdown announcer Corey Graves. Graves' first figure is based on his run as a commentator, so his tattoos are all covered up by a nice suit. However, he has a bearded headsculpt and he's ready to cause some misbehavior in your collection.
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