WWE NXT Results - September 13th, 2017

WWE NXT Results - September 13th, 2017

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  NXT returns tonight, and it's bringing over some international talent to headline the show tonight. UK star Wolfgang received his long-promised United Kingdom Championship match against Pete Dunne tonight. Aside from that, some Performance Center trainees managed to stand out on this show, and, yes, Asuka is indeed gone from NXT. It's the first episode of NXT to air on television post-Hurricane Irma, but luckily, this show was pre-taped.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross -

  Ruby has been having some trouble with the 'Iconic' duo recently. She even begged William Regal for a handicap match against the two women, which Regal instead made a tag team match. Despite this, Ruby actually got her wish for a while here. The match began as a 2-on-1 handicap match under tag team match rules -- Ruby just had no one to tag in. In hindsight, it was wise of Regal not to grant her the original handicap match, because Riot was destroyed by these two women for the most part.

  Billie Kay wrestled Ruby first, but Peyton Royce immediately began helping Kay out with double team maneuvers. The two women spend a good chunk of the match beating down poor Ruby until Nikki Cross, of all people, sneaks her way down to ringside. She mostly just stood there and watched with a devious smile on her face.

  The two Australians tagged each other in and out of the match over and over again as they laid waste to Ruby Riot. Kay accidentally nailed Royce with a punch not too long into the match. While this misunderstanding is going on, Ruby is recovering in her corner of the ring. Suddenly, Nikki Cross leaps onto the ring apron and tags Riot with authority. The referee decides to let Cross be an official participant in the match since this is technically supposed to be a tag team match. Nikki obliterates both women and hits a swinging fisherman neckbreaker on Kay. She promptly tagged Ruby back in and went off to the back. Ruby hit a senton on Kay to gain the victory.

Winners: Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross

  Johnny Gargano is sitting by himself in a ring in the WWE Performance Center when Riddi## Moss and Tino Sabbatelli come strutting his way. They both take credit for ending #DIY. Gargano says that he will fight one of them whenever they so desire. The two men both decide to leave, but it was announced that Riddi## Moss will be the one to face Johnny Gargano later on tonight.

  No Way Jose is asked backstage about his recent encounters with Lars Sullivan. Jose reminded us that he was attacked by Lars before their match in Brooklyn, and he also talked about all of the tag team partners that Sullivan has annihilated in the past. Jose wants to be the one to defeat Lars Sullivan. He challenged him to a match for next week's show.

Riddi## Moss vs. Johnny Gargano -

  Riddi## Moss was given a chance to shine on his own here and he got in a ton of offense in this match. Moss beat down Gargano for nearly the entire match, even scoring an extremely close victory at one point.

  It began with Moss delivering some big power moves at first, since he is much taller than Johnny, of course. He lifted the small man into the air and held him for long periods of time, and he also slammed him down to the mat on multiple occasions. Gargano tried to fire back early on, but he was hit by a back elbow. Next, he was put in the abdominal stretch and HE TAPPED OUT! Alright, I'm kidding, but, someday, someone will tap out to that move. I swear it!

  Moss beat Gargano down repeatedly until Johnny finally managed to get some offense in by punching Riddi## in the face a few times. Moss was tossed outside of the ring before Gargano did an impressive but small flip/dive onto him.

  Back in the ring, Moss tried to get Johnny back up again, but Gargano brought him down to his level and locked him in the Gargano escape. It didn't last too long though, because Moss managed to grab hold of the bottom rope. This greatly surprised Johnny Gargano. It looked like he just had no idea how he hadn't already won the match by now, and Nigel McGuinness even suggested that Johnny may be "questioning himself."

  Moss slammed Johnny down once again, but Gargano did managed to roll onto the outside of the ring. He stood on the apron until Tino tried to take advantage. He missed and ended up getting kicked in the face by Johnny Gargano. Moss charged after him immediately, but Gargano hit a slingshot spear to win the match.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Street Profits vs. Ealy Brothers -

  The Street Profits are beloved by the Full Sail crowd. The match was more of an exhibition for the Profits to show what they're capable of, and to show that they've got swag, or whatever. Angelo Dawkins of the Profits warned one of the brothers not to touch his headband before the bell rung. If only he had listened. He did remove the headband, which got a ridiculous amount of heat from the crowd.

  Dawkins slammed the man down and promptly placed the headband back on his dome, where it belongs. He then tagged Ford in and hit some double team moves with him.

  The other Ealy brother ran in, but the Profits managed to attack him as well. The two were thrown out of the ring, but eventually, one Ealy ran back in and blindsided Ford. He tried to run into him in the corner, but Ford dodged in time. Dawkins tagged back in and hit corkscrew splashes on both men in opposite corners of the ring. He hit a popup spinebuster before Ford executed a frog splash to get the win. The charismatic tag team then took their silly little solo cup and bolted into the crowd to celebrate their victory.

Winner: The Street Profits

  A video package for Asuka aired. It was tremendously done as it highlighted Asuka's entire NXT career. From her signing to last week's segment wherein she bid Full Sail goodbye, the company managed to create a huge star in "The Empress of Tomorrow." Corey Graves, Ember Moon, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Carmella all put her over as one of the most ruthless competitors in WWE today. Hopefully, Asuka will manage to keep her momentum going strong once she comes over to Raw.

  After the video package, William Regal is asked about the future of the NXT Women's Championship. Regal says that he definitely has a plan for the title, but he will tell us all later. It has since been announced that Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane will challenge an unnamed opponent at NXT Takeover: Houston for the belt over Survivor Series weekend.

  Aleister Black is going to return to NXT next week, and he has promised to actually speak to the NXT crowd for the first time since he debuted.

  Before the main event match, Wolfgang is asked about his title opportunity against Pete Dunne. Wolfie says that he beat the former champion, Tyler Bate, in their tag team match in Brooklyn. He vowed to win the title.

  After Wolfgang makes her entrance, Pete Dunne is asked about defending the title. He simply places the strap of the title in his mouth and walks off without saying a word.

"The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne vs. Wolfgang for the United Kingdom Championship -

  Dunne came down to the ring to an outstanding ovation. The match started off slow with some basic mat wrestling, but it became quite a spectacle by the end. Wolfgang managed to hit some impressive move for a man of his size, and Pete Dunne was incredible as always.

  Pete Dunne finally changed the pace of the match once he hit Wolfgang with a DDT on the ring apron. Wolfgang fired back by hitting a tope and a lionsault. Dunne then hit the Ex Plex, and the two men began trading moves back and fourth. The whole match moved at rapid speed though, and Wolfgang definitely won over some fans with some of his maneuvers.

  Wolfgang went up top for a senton, but Dunne, playing possum, tricked the hapless old soul and locked him into an armbar. Wolfie came dangerously close to tapping out, but he somehow managed to get out of the move. Unfortunately, the damage was already done at this point. Dunne hit the Bitter End and pinned Wolfgang to retain his title.

Winner: "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne

  It didn't end there though. After the match, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Adam Cole made their way into the ring. The trio, now collectively known as The Undisputed Era, stared down Pete Dunne for a bit before they each finally attacked the UK Champion.

  Wolfgang eventually recovered and ran back into the ring to help Dunne out. The numbers advantage was not enough for Wolfie to overcome, and the trio then spent time beating down the Scotland native.

  Pete Dunne scooted out of the ring and began making his way to the back as the beating continued on Wolfgang. Before he left, something got inside of Dunne. This feeling that something wasn't right, that he had to turn back. He had to go back to that ring, something was missing. He ran back into the ring...  and grabbed his UK title that he left in their before running off to the back for good. This got some great heat from the crowd, which had been extremely into Dunne prior to this event.

  Cole hit a shining wizard on Wolfgang before Tyler Bate and Trent Seven ran down to the ring to even the odds. Nothing happened between the six men. Instead, the ex-ROH stars rolled out of the ring and exited the arena through the crowd.

  This week's NXT show helped establish dominance of all of the new members of the roster: The Street Profits, Riddi## Moss, and the Undisputed Era stable. Next week's show will likely continue the trend as Lars Sullivan returns to action. Besides, are we getting ready to see Wolfgang, Seven, and Bate vs. Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly sometime soon? Aww yeah, count me in! I'll see you NXT time!


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