Why Asuka is on Raw, Mysterio Injured, YouTuber Signs with WWE?

Why Asuka is on Raw, Mysterio Injured, YouTuber Signs with WWE?

By Marchman · Tuesday, September 12, 2017 · 0 Comments

Rey Mysterio

It was officially revealed on last night's Raw show that former NXT Women's Champion Asuka will be joining the show as soon as her injury has healed. A vignette hyping up her arrival was aired, thus confirming all of the rumors that she was joining 'team red.' On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer opened up on why she joined Raw instead of Smackdown. Meltzer revealed that the company put Asuka on the show because the company feels that Asuka can help add a lot of depth to the women's roster on Raw. Meltzer says that multiple women on Smackdown are shining right now, but on Raw, all the company really has right now is Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax.

It has been reported that Rey Mysterio has suffered an ankle injury. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter broke the news concerning Mysterio's injury, and it appears that he received the injury while he was working with the Catch Wrestling promotion in Austria. He was working in an eight-man tournament for the promotion, and he made it all the way to the finals. He managed to defeat Joe Doering in the finals before going to the hospital to have the injury further examined. Luckily, it has been reported that the injury does not seem so severe, and Mysterio should be back in action very soon. Mysterio had been contemplating either returning to WWE or signing with GFW, but it was reported this week that he is not signing with either promotion.

A few weeks ago, YouTube sensation Inanna Sarkis revealed that she traveled to the WWE Performance Center, and she seemed to indicate that she would be joining the company. She posted a new video wherein she imagines herself as a WWE Superstar, and she later asks head coach Matt Bloom if she can enter the Mae Young Classic. Bloom tells her that she can attend the finals of the tournament in Las Vegas, which will be airing on the WWE Network later on tonight. Triple H took notice of the video and he even seemed to tease that Inanna could be signing with the promotion soon enough.


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