GFW Refuses Further Statement on Jeff Jarrett; WWE's Involvement

By sonofgod210 · Thursday, September 7, 2017 · 1 Comments

As previously reported, GFW appears to be in real life behind-the-scenes trouble to the point that Anthem is "hemorrhaging funds" just to keep the promotion up and running. In a report by Sports Illustrated earlier this week, they revealed that GFW's parent company Anthem Sports is looking to sell GFW and finish their stint in the wrestling business.

On a recent conference call with GFW management, the company declined to elaborate on the situation regarding Jeff Jarrett's personal leave of absence. The company simply repeated the statement that they released regarding the situation. They also refused to comment on the story that broke out recently about Anthem bleeding money causing them to look into selling the wrestling promotion, which technically is Impact Wrestling.

If Anthem Sports does in fact sell GFW Impact Wrestling, the tape library is expected to be right at the top of the list as well as its assets that suitors will want, namely WWE. Anthem Sports currently owns the tape library that would include past matches in Impact's history for stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode, as well as current Raw GM Kurt Angle which WWE would find extremely valuable.

Perhaps the most interesting and valuable part of Anthem Sports selling GFW Impact would be the possible inclusion of Impact's entire intellectual property. This would mean that if WWE would in fact buy out GFW Impact, they would by default own the "Broken" trademarks, removing all obstacles for The Hardys to use that in WWE.


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Heavy Weight Champion

It is time for Impact / GFW to die. Why would anyone buy this company.


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