New Update on Ric Flair
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New Update on Ric Flair

By Soul Tsukino · Sunday, August 20, 2017 · 0 Comments


In recent days what happened and what 16-time world champion Ric Flair went though has been getting kind of cloudy and stories have come out that have not been verified or have been shot down by the family itself. It is not only confusing for fans of Flair who are worried about his condition, but also for websites like ours trying to bring the news to you.

However, some good news from a reliable source has been released as Melinda Morris Zanoni, Ric Flair's business manager, revealed in a series of tweets that Ric is out of his coma and talking, even cutting a promo on one of his nurses.

Unofficially, more reports are going around that Flair had part of his bowel removed and that caused some infections in his body. Also, it's been said that he had an external pacemaker hooked up as a precaution, even though his heartbeat has been normal and his heart was never the issue. However, these have not been verified by the family or those close to Flair himself, so take any of that with the usual grain of salt unless it can be verified by the family

Whether those stories are true or not, we can say that Flair is awake and on the mend. It won't be quick, but as old time wrestling fans know, Ric's greatest work was never quick. wishes the best for Ric Flair and hope he can start on the road to recovery.

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