WWE Reportedly Not Happy with Mattel, Contains SPOILER

WWE Reportedly Not Happy with Mattel, Contains SPOILER

By Marchman · Tuesday, August 15, 2017 · 0 Comments


WWE and Mattel have had a great relationship for nearly ten years now. One year after the company went PG, WWE and Mattel inked a deal for the toy company to produce action figures for them. From 2009 all the way to right now, Mattel has largely been praised since taking over the toy production from Jakks Pacific. Although, it appears now that WWE is actually not very pleased with some of Mattel's work as of late. The specific issue appears to be Mattel's production schedule and how long they take to actually produce some of their toys. Is WWE currently at odds with the gigantic toy team behind lines such as Hot Wheels and Barbie?

The Dirty Sheets podcast claims that the relationship between the two companies is not going very well at the moment due to the length of time that Mattel typically takes to produce new action figures. Mattel's head WWE figure designer Bill Miekina has stated before that it typically takes the company about 8-11 months to produce an action figure of a completely new wrestler. When AJ Styles made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in January of 2016, his first action figure did not come out until October of that year. The company was also hoping that they'd be able to create their first Goldberg action figure by Wrestlemania this year, but that figure is still not going to be released until October of this year.

Issues between the two companies have seemingly continued as WWE was hopeful to be selling replicas of Naomi's glowing Smackdown Women's Championship by Christmas. The toy company has informed WWE that they will not be able to put out the replicas by then. WWE was reportedly not pleased by this bit of news and they currently plan on keeping the title on Naomi until Mattel is able to release the titles in stores, which is to say at least the remainder of the year. Naomi defends the title against Natalya at SummerSlam this year, and she is reportedly taking on Tamina not long after that, followed by Charlotte Flair in 2018. WWE recently announced that they extended their deal with Mattel. Their deal currently expires in 2021.


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